Can pet dogs consume strawberry? Whatever you require to recognize

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Adorable puppy eating strawberry

Can dogs eat strawberry?

Yes, pet dogs can consume strawberry! Strawberries are a risk-free as well as healthy and balanced reward for a lot of pets. If your pet hasn’t attempted strawberries, you can provide her a couple of to see if she likes them.

Are strawberries good for dogs?

Strawberries are a fantastic treat for the majority of pets, although like all deals with, they ought to be given up small amounts. Strawberries have some health and wellness advantages– they are abundant in vitamin C along with specific minerals as well as anti-oxidants that have actually been connected to a number of wellness advantages, consisting of decreasing swelling and also boosting heart wellness.

How to feed a dog strawberries

  • Wash strawberries thoroughly to remove dirt and pesticide residue
  • Remove stems and leaves
  • Cut large strawberries into pieces, especially if you have a small dog
  • Feed to your dog one piece at a time as a treat
  • Or, add a few slices or strawberry to your dog’s usual food

How many strawberries can my dog eat?

Dogs should only be given strawberries in moderation, because excessive consumption may cause a stomach upset.

  • Small dogs can have around 1 to 3 small strawberries per day
  • Larger dogs can have 2 to 3 medium sized strawberries per day

The nutritional benefit of strawberry for dogs

  • High in vitamin C
  • Contains the minerals manganese, folate and potassium
  • High in antioxidants including anthocyanins and ellagic acid, which help protect against inflammation and improve heart health
  • High in fibre
  • Contain phytochemicals
  • Low in calories

Blueberries, raspberries and black berries shot top down

Strawberry recipes for dogs


  1. Strawberries
  2. Blueberries and/or banana
  3. Unsweetened, pure peanut butter (optional)
  4. Plain, unsweetened yoghurt

Other requirements:

Ice cube tray, Kong or Licky Mat (or other slow feeder that can hold wet food)


  1. Mash or puree a few strawberries with a couple of blueberries and/or a few slices of banana.
  2. Combine the mixture with a couple of spoonfuls of unsweetened peanut butter and/or plain, unsweetened yoghurt.
  3. Fill the ice cube tray or Kong with the mixture and freeze for a cooling treat. Alternatively, spread the mixture over a licky mat for longer lasting enjoyment.

The risks of dogs eating strawberry

Providing your pet dog way too many strawberries at once might create an indigestion, particularly if your pet is not made use of to it. Constantly present a brand-new food gradually and also keep track of for any type of indications of allergic reactions or various other unwell results. If your canine has a delicate tummy, you can attempt offering her simply a couple of strawberries to see if she has any kind of response.

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