How To Get Rid Of Fleas & Ticks On Dogs

by PetCare

Fleas in dogs cause itchiness, skin irritation and scratching in dogs. Fleas are parasites which feed on its host (dog) by sucking its blood. In most cases, flea-infested dogs are seen to acquire severe anemia and grave illness due to blood loss.

Dogs with fleas will show excessive scratching, tapeworm segments or larvae on or around the dog’s anus and in the stool, patchy areas of hair loss, pus oozing out of skin sores and skin abrasions.

There are many products in the market which promise a safe and guaranteed flea removal on dogs, but all products do not live up to their promises. Further, we shall share a few products which work wonders on dogs, by getting rid of fleas and ticks.

The Following List is in No Particular Order

  • Himalaya Erina Ep Powder And shampoo:

    The powder should be dusted liberally over the animal and rubbed down thoroughly to the skin. Dust bedding or sleeping quarters as required, or as directed by the veterinarian. It prevents ectoparasites and is antimicrobial and has antifungal actions. This prevents skin infections and improves the overall condition of the skin.

Himalaya Erina Ep Powder And shampoo

  • Bayer Kiltix Collar For Flea And Ticks:

    Killtix collar controls ticks and fleas and provides protection against some ticks for up to 5 months.  Nevertheless, putting on this medicated collar doesn’t solve the entire problem. You still have to keep searching the dog’s coat for ticks and you would have to physically remove them with your hands.

Bayer Kiltix Collar For Flea And Ticks

  • Fiprofort Flea & Tick Spray:

    It is not absorbed into the skin and stays on for a longer duration to provide effective protection. Fiprofort spray is safe to use on puppies and kittens over 8 weeks of age, adult cats and dogs, pregnant and lactating bitches. It doesn’t have any toxic elements and is very effective.

Fiprofort Flea & Tick Spray

  • Flickout Soap for Dogs:

    These soaps are non-toxic and are effective against flea infestations for about two months. This product is effective against tick infestation for up to one month.

Flickout Soap for Dogs

Every time you brush your dog’s coat, check carefully for fleas on its stomach, inside the ears, and over its tail. If you cannot see any fleas over the dog’s body, but notice that it scratches itself more than often and has patchy areas of hair loss, you must rush to the nearest vet. Sometimes, the fleas or ticks might be so tiny that you may not be able to see, only the dog knows the pain. Act in time and save the dog from anemia and other grave illnesses.

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