Let Your Furry Friend Explore The Seasonal Change

by PetCare

Winter has passed long back and now summer is on and monsoon just knocked. Where some day the sun is rising high in the sky making the temperature hot and full of sweat. On the other side it’s raining heavily making the weather pleasant. Where this is the perfect weather to go out and explore for us so do for our dogs. Dogs mostly want to stay outside and want to have fun no matter what the weather is welcoming them with. Rolling on mud and happily moving around like that. These all sound so cool!!

But is it??…

a big NO NO….

This is the time to take extra care for your loved pets because there are many friends waiting outside to stick on them but the reality is they are not at all friendly. I am talking about flea and ticks which are very common in this weather and can really cause great discomforts to your dog.

Let Your Furry Friend Explore The Seasonal Change

Fleas :

These are insects like ants and spiders causing irritations and allergies.

Ticks :

These are parasites which belong to a different group such as spiders etc. and can cause long term transmitting diseases.

Now they seem like little perilous but if appropriate care and concern showed on time the problem may not arise and if arisen can be effortlessly solved and the dog will be joyful, smiling, running or should be said can enjoy the weather like us.

Here are some easy but effective solutions to help your darling and daring dogs :

Let Your Furry Friend Explore The Seasonal Change

  • Grooming

This is the most significant part and also plays a very vital role on dogs health and life span. It gives you time to spend with the dog, cuddling, playing and creating a strong bond. All dogs need everyday grooming despite what the breed is. It simply means cleaning like bathing, cutting nails, combing the hairs etc. by using flea shampoos, powders, soaps and other anti-flea and tick products.

  • Regular Flea And Tick Check Ups

Many products are available to help you with the regular checkup. These are like anti-tick and flea shampoos, anti-tick and flea soaps, anti-tick and flea powders, sprays, flea repellent etc. though these are really time-consuming but are really worth it.

  • Flea collars

It is a great concern for the pet parents in how to prevent their dogs from fleas and ticks. So flea and tick collars come with a great remedy. As it is said prevention is better than cure. It goes best with flea and tick collars, it prevents not cures and infestation. They come with long lasting effects in preventing fleas and ticks. Various varieties of flea and tick collars are available nowadays with new features.

  • Regular check-ups

Fleas and ticks are caused due to different reasons or factors. These can be caused due to inside outside situations, cleanliness of lawns and yards, the companions cleanliness and cleanliness of the pet is the primary. With regular checkup, it can diagnose on time and can be cured as well. The Vet can help with the exact cause and can suggest suitable flea and tick products.

  • Sanitation

Brushing and cutting hairs, bathing, cutting nails etc. are some of the actions which cleanse the dog and as well prevent them from unhealthy parasites. This should be done by using suitable products available for sanitation and cleanliness.

Let Your Furry Friend Explore The Seasonal Change

  • Do Not Use Old Preventive Products

It is not at all practical if one keeps on holding the old preventive products. It loses effectiveness so there won’t be any fruitful outcome. There are many new and advanced flea and tick products available and with proper guidance of doctors you can help your furry friend.

Flea and tick are not friends to your loved pet and it’s no fun. Whereas they are dangerous in all the manners. It is really a matter of concern for the pet parents but no need to worry as the measures are effortless and effectual and help to make a special bond with your pet while doing it. There are many flea and tick products available easily on online pet stores as well.

Be a proud and responsible pet parent. Don’t stop your pet from going outside, rolling in mud, hopping, splashing, playing, or anything he likes.

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