Oriental Shorthair

by PetCare

Let me introduce you to a very intelligent, interactive and highly sociable kitty. They are simply wonderful cats you will ever come across. One of the most recognized cat’s breeds, popular and the cherry on the cake is they are passionate about people. It’s all about Oriental shorthair. A four-legged animal loves to hang all day around with the owner, a perfect companion.


Let’s start with their history, they are just like their parent breed Siamese but little unique in their own way comes in 300 colors and patterns. They may appear in the red, silver, ebony black, shaded pattern or a multicolored pattern. And the array of the patterns are as interesting than attractive and so named them ornamental.

  • Breed – Man-made
  • Origin – England
  • Year – 1950


Oriental Shorthair comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns. They can be undoubtedly considered as fantastic and loyal companions. Their signature look is their triangular face, almond shape stare complimented with their elegant bone structure which will grab your attention and easily distinguishable from any other breed. Check out their unique but exceptional feature and personality traits:-

  • Body – Elegant
  • Head – Long
  • Neck – Long
  • Boning – Fine
  • Eyes – Green (Slanted)
  • Tail – Long like a whip
  • Appearance – Thin


  • Temperament – Lively
  • Energy – Active
  • With Kids – Happy go lucky
  • With Dogs – Best Friends
  • With Strangers – Takes time
  • Intelligence – Above expectation
  • Personality – Passionate


Oriental appears either in short hair or long hair along with a soft coat, so the grooming also depends on the same.

  • Short hair –
  • Grooming – Easy
  • Brushing – Weekly
  • Brush – Rubber
  • Long hair –
  • Grooming – Little time taking
  • Brushing – Couple of times
  • Brush – Steel
  • Nail trimming – Regular
  • Ear cleaning 10 days – 2 weeks


  • Use a damp cloth to rub down the coat (both types), to remove loose hairs. Followed by hands or soft cloth. To avoid brush burns.
  • Brush teeth at home advised using vet approved toothpaste.


Like any other kitty, oriental is also a carnivore. Alert! You should not feed them with raw meat or wet canned food only. It is advised not to spoil them with unlimited food and treats as it may result in health issues and also you may spoil them and it will definitely result in hassle for you too. Choose a perfect combination of irresistible taste and nutrition.

Suggested Food:- Royal Canin kitten instinctive


Oriental Shorthair is generally considered healthy. But no one comes with a health guarantee. Even people have the potential to inherit a disease, so these are just little tiny animals. Lymphoma is a common disease from which these kitties are prone to off. Proper brushing off the coat is advised to avoid brush burn on your kitty.

If you are looking for an intelligent kitty, oriental shorthair is a perfect choice. You can teach them puzzles and must say they can give you a hard time to hide and seek. They are very curious and can easily kill their time running, opening drawers, jumping on the refrigerator, etc. And if you are there for the company, then they are the best lap babies and will follow you all around the house even if irritating.

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