Royal Canin Baby Cat Instinctive & Kitten Instinctive Cat Food Review

by PetCare

I am Rubina. I have been reading many reviews on Royal Canin products on the Facebook page of Marshalls pet Zone. All the reviews are mostly positive, but mine is a mixed review, neither a negative one nor a positive one.

I got my kitty (Myra) home in January 2015. Myra is my first pet ? and is very special to me. I lifted her from a garbage site. That very day I took her to the vet. The vet handed me over a list of vaccinations for Myra. The vet prescribed a famous brand of cat food for Myra. I happily bought that pack and went back home.

I gave her that cat food for about 2 days and I noticed that she was having diarrhea. Continuous diarrhea for two entire days!! Then I brought a pack of  Royal Canin Health Nutrition Baby Cat Instinctive Cat Food. It was very expensive, for the quantity of the pack, but because of the reputation that Royal Canin has, I decided to buy it. This food showed impressive results. There was an improvement in the cat’s stool quality. Also, she was getting healthier and active after that. As this cat food is meant for cats up to 4 months of age, I had to change her food after she turned 5 months old.

Due to the heavily expensive cat food in the market, I decided to opt for homemade food for my cat. She seemed to love the homemade food as well. Also, her health was good and she had no problems whatsoever. One day, I thought I could give her a small pack of Royal Canin Kitten Instinctive as a treat, thinking she needs a break from the everyday homemade meals.

I gave it to her at night. When I woke up in the morning, I saw that my kitty had puked and had diarrhea as well. I was terror struck. I rushed to my vet and felt better when he gave her an injection and assured that she was better then.

This was really not expected. I give Myra homemade food now and she is good now.

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