Tractive GPS Motion Tracker Reviews: Is It Really Effective?

Tractive makes devices meant to help us find our pets when something goes wrong. It’s a pet owner’s worst nightmare to lose sight of their pet when they’re out in the park, or to accidentally leave the door open for just a second to realize their pet is gone. Luckily, Tractive specializes in pet trackers, with GPS, motion trackers, and remotes that even I can figure out.

They specifically make products so that I can locate my dog or cat without any fuss, and with a lot less worry! Light and easy to use devices work with just a quick push of a button on my phone to help me find my pet. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to buy a device that included a plan, but I knew I at least needed to see what this brand was all about.

If you want to locate something, whether it be your pet, car, suitcase, or even your overactive child, Tractive is a great choice. These small GPS devices give you live positioning so that when you notice they’re missing, you can push the button in just a second and get a location. You’ll need to make sure you have a cell plan, but it might just be worth it to stop the frantic beating of your heart in those scary moments.

Tractive GPS 3G Tracker for dogs and cats - North American version

Tractive Features

We tend to think of GPS devices as possibly clunky or difficult to handle, but Tractive makes the smallest GPS devices out there. These tiny devices are small, yet powerful. The give you live positioning for any animals running around with only a small monthly service fee.

You won’t even lose your pet if they take a swim thanks to this waterproof device and the clips that keep it securely on their collar. If you don’t have fencing in your yard, that’s no problem either!

Instead of a dog training collar, you can use Tractive to set up a safety zone that’ll let you know when they leave. It’s nearly impossible to ever lose sight of your pet, especially with included lights and tracking for the past 24 hours.

  • Small and lightweight devices
  • Provide live positioning for any animals
  • Use a free app on your phone or computer to find your pet
  • The device is waterproof, and attached securely to the collar
  • Create safety zones in case your pet leaves the yard
  • Includes a small monthly service fee based on your cell plan
  • Has a light for looking in the dark, and tracking history
  • For more features & details, check here

How it Works

They do have one of the easier pet tracking apps out there to use. First, you attach the little device to your pet’s collar with one of the included clips. Thinner or thicker collars should have no problem with such a small device.

Then, get on your phone and download the Tractive app, which is free for almost all types of phones! Once you’re in the app, you can navigate to see your pet from anywhere and at any time. It’s quick and easy to install, and only requires a push of a button. With multiple devices too, you can even use the one app to track all of them. When the battery gets low, just plug it in to charge it before clipping it right back on!


  • Dogs can be taken anywhere and coverage persists
  • Safety zones can be set up quickly and easily no matter where you are
  • You don’t need to worry about removing it for swimming time
  • Works faster to tell you where your dog is
  • Power saving mode allows you to have periodic updates to save battery


  • The two clips aren’t really intended to use on thick or wide collars
  • You have to subscribe to a monthly service plan
  • The battery life is fairly short, even with power saving
  • Technical difficulties with the tracking have been reported

General Customer Impression of Tractive

For the most part, people love this brand. They made it clear that despite the cost, there were tons of great features that were more than worth it. Even if it didn’t fit your dog’s collar, Sheri said that she was fine getting a smaller collar when she considered all she gained. When comparing Tractive to other devices, Ethan made the point it worked faster and more efficiently, and let him locate his dog within seconds. He and others were especially pleased at the quick work, along with the included notifications and safety zone.

The main issue people had was with battery life. Kim had a huge list of things she loved, but she needed to mention that even on battery saving mode, the device died fairly quickly. If you want to use it long-term, you need to remember to charge it often. The safe zone might not be for everyone either, especially if you’ve got it set up over a long area, but as one reviewer said, a large safe zone if better than none at all.

If you’re only going out of town one month, you can buy just a monthly subscription with the Tractive to keep an eye on your pet! Tractive gives me the peace of mind I need when I lose sight of my dog or when my cat gets out. With only the simple push of a button, we don’t have to worry anymore about what our troublemakers could be up to.

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