Buying A Labrador Puppy: Price And Everything You Need To Know!

It is one incredible feeling to bring home an adorable waggy baby, isn’t it? Certainly, Labrador puppy can be one of the most adorable breeds- they are so active, cute and athletic after all, plus that emotional hazel eyes and looks that can win any heart. So decided to take home a chubby cute little Labrador puppy?As a responsible ‘to-be’ pet parent, it is quite natural that you might have so many questions going on in your mind and things to consider. Let us guide you through and offer all the answers and solutions to your doubts regarding buying a Labrador puppy.

For those who are new to Labrador, here is a brief about them. Labrador is a pretty active and strong breed and can be trained to be a show dog, guide dog, service dog, therapy dog, sniffer dogs, the rescue dog, and if nothing, your best companion.

Talking about their features, the breed features a strong back, straight legs with webbed feet, adorable otter tail, broad head, decently big nose and the hazel brown eyes- we mentioned earlier (read Features segment of this article for further info on Labrador features). With Labrador, you have four choices-Black Labrador, Yellow Labrador, and Chocolate Brown Labrador. Personally, we find Labrador dogs in all colors equally adorable!

Average Labrador Puppy Price In India

Labrador puppy price may vary at different parts of India. Also, prices of black, yellow and brown Labrador may vary slightly. You might jump seeing quite lower prices in some marketplaces and listings, but take note that they may not be pure breed. An average price for a pure bred Labrador puppy would range between Rs.12000 to Rs.17000.Marshallspetzoneoffers you a better price. You are taking the responsibility of a tiny life after all; we try to make the deal as economical as possible for you. Check out our prices and offers on female and male Labrador puppies here:

Buying A Labrador Puppy: Price And Everything You Need To Know!

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Read on to know more about various aspects you should check before adopting or buying a Lab puppy. You can contact the representatives at Marshallspetzone with any of your queries and doubts; we take pleasure in helping and assisting you.

Choosing The Right Labrador Puppy

There are various things to consider before buying a Labrador. Here are the main points you may want to think about before making the final decision as of whether or not you are ready to take the plunge and bear the responsibility of bringing a Labrador into your life, as your family member.

Buying A Labrador Puppy: Price And Everything You Need To Know!

Do You Have The Right Amount Of Space For A Large Dog?

Okay, Labrador may not really be ‘Large’ dog breed, but yes, it is a decently sized pet. Plus, it is an utterly active breed. So, they sure need a bit of space to burn their energy and straighten up their limbs. They could be quite adjusting and, you know, understanding, if you don’t have a park of your own- it is just that the thick tail of theirs can ‘accidentally’ knock down some of your tiny décor pieces while prancing around. Baseline is, simply, you need a bit of extra room for your active pup to run around.

Do You Have Time For A Dog?

No, you don’t need to be at 24×7 service for them- and certainly not for Labrador dogs (that doesn’t mean they have any issue if you are with them 24×7). They can pretty much take care of themselves once you train them. However, you still are expected to offer a decent piece of time to them, especially in their initial and adolescence period. First, you need to derive time to train them and then, as mentioned above, Labrador puppies are quite active. You need to have time to play with them a bit and to make them do exercises. Physical activities are quite important for this breed.

You don’t need to be terrified- half an hour in morning and evening won’t be so much of demand, right? And, it need not be you yourself; if you live with your family and if some of them can, in turn, take a little time out to play with the paw-pal you bring home, it will work. However, if you or any of your family members won’t be able to take out that bit of time to take care of them, you might want to reconsider buying a pup- seriously, it won’t be fair leaving a little one alone in the house all day.

Buying A Labrador Puppy: Price And Everything You Need To Know!

Can You Afford A Dog?

Now, you need to consider the fact that it is not just the initial buying price that is involved in owning and taking care of a puppy. There are also other costs that you sure need to think of before getting a Labrador puppy home, like their medical costs, maintenance costs etc.

While Labrador is not really a very high maintenance breed, you still need to consider an average for the pup’s food supplies, vet appointments, vaccinations and, oh sure, their happy face treats. In addition to these basics, there are food bowls, leashes, winter clothing, beds etc. Besides, if you work full time, you might want to hire someone to take him out on a walk, or for exercise and for freshening him up. Here, that is some extra bucks again.

Let us offer you some tips to minimize these expenses. The best way to cut down the medical costs is to get a medical insurance for your Labrador dog. It would take out just a small amount of your savings- once a year- and in return, you will save burning a hole in your pocket in case your pet gets unfortunate with any illness. Think twice before deciding on the cheapest insurance alternative though, since it might not really cover all medical contingencies.

Then, you can do a bit of search to find second hand or more pocket friendly dog stuff. Hey, why not check out and find the best quality yet budget friendly accessories and things for your pup? As stated earlier, we try to make dog care as economic and easy as possible for you.

Pros and Cons of A Labrador puppy

Pros :

Large & Bouncy High Amount Of Exercise

Easy to groom Mouths a lot

Cheerful Active and frisky

Loves to exercise Average shedding

Easy to train

Cons :

High Amount Of Exercise

Mouths a lot

Active and frisky

Average shedding

Features And Facts About Labrador Dogs

  • An average Labrador lifespan is- 10-14 years
  • Black Labradors are known to become successful competitors, yellow Labradors as police dogs
  • Chocolate or brown colored Labradors has got the prettiest coat and can be an adorable companion
  • Average litter size for Labrador is 5-9

Labrador Body Features:

Height- 55 cm to 65 cm

Weight-Male: 29–36 kg, Female: 25–32 kg

Straight Otter tail

Thick oily, waterproof coat

Straight legs

Long nose

hazel brown eyes

Chest Extends below

Folded ears

No wrinkles

  • Labradors are great swimmers, thanks to their webbed feet
  • They are quite playful and highly active and they can make great companions

Allergies And Health Issues :

Given Below Are Some Allergies And Health Issues Common With Labradors.

Food Allergies:

Sometimes, general food items like beef, corn, soy, fish, egg, chicken etc. may cause food allergies in Labradors.

Contact Allergies:

Just like some of us may be allergic to dust or smoke etc. some puppies can develop allergies as they get in contact with some plants, dust, pollens, grass, wood etc. This might not be detected in one go. You may have to take care and observe for some allergy symptoms. It is advised to take suggestions from a vet as soon as you doubt any kind of allergies or notice any symptoms in you Lab.

Flea & Tick Issues:

This is also one of the most common problems with not only Labradors, but with most dog breeds. Caused when a flea bites the dog and inserts the saliva into the body, it mostly suffers the back or tail of the dog.


Tick and Flea Shampoos, Collars, Powders, Dips, Spot ons Checkout:

Symptoms Of Allergies Or Improper Health: –

  • Itchiness
  • Hair loss or excess shedding
  • Swelling
  • Skin or ear infection
  • Inactivity

You can check out dog shampoos, powders and dog medications at Marshallspetzone for preventing most allergies and treating flea and tick issues in your dog. Our product line includes everything you need to take care of your Lab and assure his health, and that too of the best quality. We would still recommend consulting a vet before getting medications and treatment products for your dog.


Choosing a particular Dog food brand to count upon for long term can be tricky, particularly with tons of pet food brands available in market. Simply,when it comes to the feeding and ‘what to choose to feed’, it would be natural for a pet parent to getmuddles up between all those alternatives. Adding to the confusion are those cool dog food commercials.

Well, we are here at your rescue. Let us put down the perfect diet for your lab in simple words.

Expert recommends that such foods be chosen for your Labrador which are:

  • Balanced supply of nutrients,
  • Ensure development and growth,
  • Support puppy’s natural defenses,
  • Complete diet and
  • Branded and reliable products

In other words, what experts recommend is wholesome food for Labradors. A balanced diet is as important for active breeds like Labradors as they are for us human beings. It keeps them in great physical and mental condition.Have a glance on the below table with our suggestion for you on some best food which you can count on for your lab:-

Age     Arden Grange    N&D     Royal Canin Pedigree Focus

Up to 3 months Weaning puppy Starter Royal Canin Maxi starter 15kg

Mother & pup Starter

Up to 15 months Puppy Junior Puppy Maxi Royal Canin Maxi Junior 4 Kg/ Royal Canin Labrador Junior 12kgs

Professional Puppy Puppy

Above 15 months Adult Adult Royal Canin Adult/

Royal Canin Labrador Adult 12kg

Adult Adult

Labrador Puppies For Sale: The Best Dealer In India

Though you can find Lab puppies for sale at various pet stores as well as on online marketplaces like on OLX, they may not really be pure breed. You might not be able to find trustworthy deals easily. Besides, the health conditions may not be checked appropriately. So it is always recommended to find and get your pup from a certified Labrador breeder.

Wondering where to find Labrador puppies? Marshallspetzone is the ultimate answer before you for reliable, personalised and hassle-free home-coming of your healthy pup. We exclusively dealin the pure breeds and have strong delivery channel across India. You can find pure breedBlack, Brown and Yellow Labrador puppies for sale at With us, you can certainly find the best prices for pure and healthy Labrador breeds. We make it a point to maintain transparency throughout your deal with us. Every detail about the puppy you order shall be given to you in advance. Our experts personally check and assure the health conditions of the pup beforehand. You will be receiving the Labrador puppy pictures and it is only after your satisfied assent that the puppy is delivered to you. Simply, we make sure that our service is undeniably the most reliable for you.



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