Can dogs eat apples
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Can pet dogs consume apples? Whatever you require to recognize

Can dogs eat apples?

Yes, canines can consume apples! If your pet dog hasn’t attempted apple, you can offer her a tiny item to see if she likes it.

Is apple good for dogs?

Apple in small amounts is a healthy and balanced treat for pets. Apples are high in fiber in addition to vitamin A, vitamin C and also anti-oxidants. Consuming items of apple with the skin on can aid their oral health as well as boost the odor of their breath.

How to feed a dog apple

  • Wash the apple thoroughly
  • Remove the core and seeds
  • Cut a few slices or small chunks and give as a treat
  • Or add grated apple to your dog’s food
  • There is no need to remove the skin of the apple as it is safe for dogs to eat (although some dogs may prefer to eat apple without the skin)

How much apple can my dog eat?

Dogs should only be given apple in moderation, because too much can cause a stomach upset. In other words, “an apple a day” doesn’t always keep the vet away (and might in fact necessitate a visit)!

  • Small dogs should have only 1 or 2 slices or small pieces per day
  • Larger dogs should have only have up to 4 pieces per day, depending on their size

The nutritional benefit of apple for dogs

  • High in Vitamin A and Vitamin C
  • High in calcium and phosphorus
  • High in antioxidants
  • High in fibre
  • Low in calories
  • Zero fat, sodium and cholestrol

Apple recipes for dogs


  1. Grated apple
  2. Unsweetened, pure peanut butter
  3. Plain, unsweetened yoghurt

Other requirements:

Kong or Licky Mat (or other slow feeder that can hold wet food)


  1. Combine the grated apple with a couple of spoonfuls of unsweetened peanut butter and/or plain, unsweetened yoghurt.
  2. Stuff the mixture into a Kong and freeze for a cooling treat.
  3. Alternatively, spread the mixture over a licky mat for longer lasting enjoyment.

The risks of dogs eating apples

Apple seeds include cyanide so your pet dog must not be enabled to consume the core, as that is where a lot of the seeds are located. Apples cores can additionally come to be a choking danger.

Keep in mind: While unintentional intake of percentages of apple seeds should not trigger cyanide poisoning, consuming huge quantities of seeds or eating a percentage consistently gradually can create cyanide poisoning.Giving your canine also

much apple at once might create an indigestion, specifically if your pet dog is not made use of to it. Constantly present a brand-new food gradually and also keep track of for any type of indications of allergic reactions or various other sick impacts. If your pet has a delicate belly,

you can attempt providing her peeled off apple. The skin is where a lot of the fiber is saved, and also due to the fact that pets generally have a slower digestion system, a greater fiber diet plan might trigger an indigestion.

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