Do you know the symptoms and treatment of mange in dogs?

Most of the Dog owners might not be friendly with the word mange. Whereas with the title itself, it is almost clear that mange is a disease as it speaks about symptoms and treatments. So, let me elaborate it for your easy understanding.

Mange is a skin infection caused by several species or tiny mites,common external parasites found in the companionship of other dogs. Or in one sentence it can be said that mange is a type of skin disease caused by tiny parasitic mites in dogs. This disease comes under the class of skin disease which needs immediate treatment. As the symptoms of the same are visible at an earlier stage, if some extra attention and care are being given.

As mentioned above mange is caused by tiny parasitic mites. The question arises from where these mites get stuck to the dog’s body. Generally, there are some mange mites which are normal residents of dog’s skin and hair follicles whereas some are not. All mites can cause mild to severe skin infections if they proliferate.

Do you know the symptoms and treatment of mange in dogs?

Basically, There Are Two Types Of Mange Which Every Dog Owner Must Distinguish Between –

  1. Sarcoptic

Also known as canine scabies, sarcoptic mange occurs due to transferring between hosts. These are oval in shape, light colored and microscopic.

  1. Demodectic

This is caused by mites that can be transferred from one dog to another. The proliferation of these mites depends on the health of the dog. If the dog is healthy,the demodectic mite just adds up friendly with the already existing natural mites  on the dog’s body.

Recognizing The Symptoms –

  • Itchy Dog –

Sarcoptic mites cause intense itching resulting in the dog scratching or chewing the area immensely. The constant scratching, biting , chewing in order to get relieved from the pain and irritation will lead to a severe infection which will shift the entire focus of the dog towards it and as a result, the dog will leave all the regular habits like eating, playing etc.

Do you know the symptoms and treatment of mange in dogs?

  • Hair Loss In Dogs –

As already mentioned about demodectic, it is less harmful. More or less it will result in one or two thin bald patches in the dog’s hair. The patches on the dog’s body will not be as harmful as sarcoptic mange. It will not cause serious irritation or itching.

Do you know the symptoms and treatment of mange in dogs?

  • Increase In A Number Of Patches On Dog’s Body –

Mostly if the patches are caused due to localized mites it will automatically go away themselves. But in case the same doesn’t happen and the patches eventually spread to the rest of the dog’s body. It means the mites are generalized. Now what will happen is instead of one or two patches, the whole body of the dog will get covered with the same. The patches will turn red and scaly.

Do you know the symptoms and treatment of mange in dogs?

  • Swollen Feet Or Paw –

One should always check the dog’s feet or paw if they are swollen and the dog feels irritation under the paws. In some of the selected cases, the mange mites get deeply embedded to the dog’s feet and it becomes really difficult to remove them. The common symptoms of mange mites in dog’s feet are swollen and irritated feet. The situation is worsened around the nail beds accompanied with itching and rashes.

Do you know the symptoms and treatment of mange in dogs?

  • Signs In Human –

The easy way to detect mange in dogs is first inspecting you. Yes, the mange mites can easily bite the human as well. When your body comes in contact with them it causes red bumps similar to mosquito bites. You might confuse it with the mosquito bites. But having your dog beside and then getting the red bumps with itching sensation says it is mange. Perhaps, mange does not give serious effects to humans.

Do you know the symptoms and treatment of mange in dogs?

Treatment of mange

  • Veterinary Care –

The initial stage to cure mange is to visit a veterinarian. Even if there is a sort of indication that shows your dog is infected, it is advised to consult a vet. Only a vet can run a proper and effective diagnostic test. And depending on the reports and results mange can be treated with proper medication.

Do you know the symptoms and treatment of mange in dogs?

  • Dog Health Care –

Each and everything that comes in contact with the dog being a bed, bowls, brushes anything must be removed, replaced and washed away immediately. Cleaning is required every day or on a regular basis if necessary.

Do you know the symptoms and treatment of mange in dogs?

  • No Breeding –

It is an advice to those dog owners whose dogs are infected with mange. They should not be encouraging their dog to breed. It is advisable to breed if the dog is having less infection and is under medication. But still breeding at this time shall always be done with prior consultation of the veterinarian. There is a proper course of action that is needed to be followed up because it may give negative or severe effects on future puppies.


  • Keep Away From Other Animals –

Mange is a contagious disease. It can easily affect the companion animal. So, it is of prime importance to keep the infected dog away from other animals. Especially if the dog is suffering from sarcoptic mange.

Do you know the symptoms and treatment of mange in dogs?

  • Extra Care –

Mange can be transmitted from mother to pup, or if the dogs or puppies are being kept under poor and unacceptable conditions. Otherwise, it can be transmitted from one dog to another or any object that was in contact with the many animals. Exposure of mange is natural but if proper cleaning, understanding the symptoms of mange are fulfilled, the dog can be prevented from being affected by this deadly disease.

Among the two types of mange sarcoptic mange is more quarantine and infectious. It changes the behavior of a dog, their regular habits are drastically affected. Illness, weight loss, swollen lymph, frantic itching etc causes the animal to go into depression. So, it is advised to take utmost care of the dog with all love and passion. If identified before time, mange can be stopped from spreading. Though in worst cases mange can become serious but yes it can be treated. Be positive and calm with the dog and hope for the best.

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