Dog Harness – Get The Perfect And Easy Measurement


How to measure my dog harness? This is a common question which we get repeatedly. So we decided to put it in order. Though measuring a dog harness seems to be confusing work but it is not. Here we represent you the same in a simple and easy way. In addition to the measuring guide in detail, we have put together measuring dog harness infographic.

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The below-mentioned infographic will help you to identify the basic size for your dog harness.

Basic size chart for dog harness

The above-mentioned infographic will help you to get the easy and accurate measurement in an easy way. Just know your dog breed and select the size of the dog harness.

This way of measuring the dog body harness is one step process. No measuring tools, no unnecessary brawl, no disturbing your dog. Just a simple knowledge of what your dog breed is? Whether it is medium, large or giant breed.

Let’s make it more simple :

If your dog is a medium breed which means if your dog is Lhasa Apso, Shih Tzu, Pomeranian, Pug etc. then go for the Medium size dog body harness.

If your dog is a large breed which means if your dog is Labrador, German shepherd, Golden Retriever, Boxer etc. then go for the Large size dog body harness.

If your dog is a Giant breed which means if your dog is St. Bernard, Great Dane, Rottweiler, Doberman pinscher etc. then go for the Extra Large size dog body harness.

You might be wondering how easy it is. You can easily go with this process. Whereas we will help you with another process to get the measurements of dog body harness.

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B. There is another way to measure the dog harness which is a little confusing and daunting. Here explaining the same :


For measuring dog harnesses, you should take the actual measurement of your dog’s required body part. Eventually, this will be the ideal guideline to help you while the measurement dog harness.

Actual measurement of dog harness


Neck – This can also be substituted with a dog collar. Measure the area all around the neck.

Chest – This part is behind the front legs. Measure the widest part of your dog’s rib cage ie; chest.

Weight – Measure the weight of your dog.


The dog – the first and foremost thing,

A flat surface – where you will make the dog stand,

A measuring tool –  a measuring tape generally used by tailors,

Weighing machine – any simple weighing machine,

Pen and paper – to note down the measurements,

Treats – dogs are always active. So to make them stand sturdy and still, you need to offer them plenty of treats as rewards and

A friend or assistant – to help you in taking the measurement more comfortably.

Gather supplies for the dog harness


For taking any sort of measurement, correct posture is the prime requirement. Make your dog stand straight with head and tail up. Equally, make sure that all the four legs of your dog are placed normally on the flat surface. Take the help of the diagram.

Posture to take dog measurments for dog harness

  1. Make sure your dog is standing nice and upright straight.
  2. Begin your measurement from the neck of your dog with the measuring tape. Measure the area all around the neck. Write down the measurement on the piece of paper.
  3. Then comes the chest. Measure the widest part of your dog’s rib cage ie; chest. Hint – (The area you have to measure ie; chest – This part is behind the front legs and top middle of your dog’s back.
  4. Take your dog’s weight.
  5. Revise again – It might raise your eyebrows as already you suffered the whole sweating process. But it is always to be sure. No one wants to go through the daunting process of return/exchange/refund.

Note –

    • While taking the measurement of your dog harness, make sure you are not doing it very tightly or trying to be exactly accurate.
    • Take the measurement a little loose.
    • It is also suggested to add extra 2” inches to overcome the situations like weight gain or growth.
    • Improper fit not only gives an unappealing look to your dog but might result in some health issues like uneasiness, breathing problems, restlessness etc.
  1. As after following the mentioned guidelines you will be having the measurement of your dog’s body ie; neck and chest on a piece of paper.
  2. Start your search for dog harness while keeping the measurement handy.
  3. Once selected the dog harness, go to the size chart.
  4. Compare and choose the size based on the measurements you have taken of your dog’s body.


  1. If you are confused between two sizes, always prefer the bigger one. A little loose can be adjusted but if the dog harness is small then it will go to waste.
  2. It is also suggested to add extra 2” inches to overcome the situations like weight gain or growth.
  3. Try to keep two fingers under all the harness straps so that your dog is at ease.
  4. Once you follow the above process and consider the infographics and pictures, it would be easy for you to come to a conclusion of the perfect size of dog harness. Once you get the harness in your hands adjust each of the harness straps accordingly.

There will be a repeated adjusting and readjusting process, so be calm and adjust it properly.

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