Leash Train Your Dog This Way

Training to walk on a leash is the first lesson you teach your puppy. It is also one of the most desired training which a puppy witnesses in his initial ages. One should be aware of the basic training manners. It’s a myth that dogs know how to walk politely but this is a particular skill that needs to be trained. Here all you need to know about your tiny four-legged newly added member that they are like babies, they are unpredictable. They will not react the way they are expected to be.

It’s the owner who must deal with the utmost tolerance. Because these tiny pups can make your toil somewhat challenging. As dogs are faster, unpredictable, sometimes vulnerable, naughty, etc. so, patience becomes the need of the hour. There is no hard and fast rule.

Leash Train Your Dog This Way

Here are listed training methods altogether to make your job easy and less tiring :


The age of the puppy should be approx two months when basic leash training is considered. They have to be taught to walk with a leash comfortably and nicely, they are babies and are not born trained. Be gentle. Or else if you have still not started the leash training, and your dog is grown up then start it soon. Dogs, despite the size, age, breeds require leash training. It is mandatory.

Leash Train Your Dog This Way - Age

II.Choosing the right leash

Apparently, we all want to give our furries the best. But still, it might be confusing as there are varieties of leash options available.

Must check these points before getting a leash for your puppy –

  • Lightweight collar
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable
  • Proper size

Leash Train Your Dog This Way - Choosing The Right Collar

We have some different types of leashes

  • Collar Leash Set :

We have different types of brands like Pawzone, Nootie, Pets pot, Trixie, etc. Generally, these leashes are made with nylon and they have plastic clips or steel hooks. 

Leash Train Your Dog This Way - Collar Leash Set

  • Ropes & Leashes :

In this, we have different types of brands like Trixie, Pawzone, Pets pot, Pets Empire, Nootie, Flexi, etc. These are made with nylon rope, metallic rope, retractable, etc.

Leash Train Your Dog This Way - Rope And Leash

  • Chokes & Chains :

We have some brands like Pawzone, Pets pot, and Trixie. These are generally made with stainless steel materials with brass and steel hooks.

Leash Train Your Dog This Way - Chokes And Chains

III. Introduce the leash

Here the goal should be only making the puppy get accustomed with the leash. This is very effortless. Just place the collar with the attached leash and let the puppy smell, touch it; get an overall feel of it. As it is the beginning, so the session-time should not be more than 10-15 minutes.

Leash Train Your Dog This Way - Introducing Leash

IV.Let your puppy get accustomed to it

Once your puppy gets comfortable with the collar and leash, let him drag around with it to enhance more familiarity with the leash. In the initial stages, the pup may be scared, curious or reluctant, but it’s normal. He will get used to it in some span of time.

Leash Train Your Dog This Way - Introducing Leash

  • Place:

The place which you are deciding to give training to your puppy must be calm, quiet, away from other dogs. Also, it should be one to one training between you and your puppy. To avoid distractions, start it indoors.

Leash Train Your Dog This Way - Walking

  • Walk:

Up till now you must have got some idea, whether your tiny pup is comfortable or not with the collar and leash? So, now let him follow you. Take him for a small outside walk, while holding the leash. Be calm and compose while doing this. And let him walk by your side by side.

Leash Train Your Dog This Way - Walking

VII. Let him control himself

This is quite a problem or I should say excitement. It happens to us all. Just observe is your puppy getting excited while you are getting ready for a walk? Make sure to take a pause, calm down the furry. Show him the leash, tie it carefully and then proceed. Make sure your furry friend is no more bouncing, howling on you. You need to wait until he behaves.

Leash Train Your Dog This Way - Let him control himself

VIII. Pulling around

Once the dog becomes comfortable with the leash, he may run, jump, without your knowledge. At this time, it is not advised to pull the pup back towards you or yank on him. It should not be the desired response from one’s side. Also, not give fruitful results. Basic leash training is given to the puppy when he is really young. There are chances that the tiny four-legged may end up bruising or injuring himself. Hence, try to give verbal commands. Encourage your dog to come back, walk slow. Try to divert his mind.

Leash Train Your Dog This Way - Pulling Around

  • Treats:

They always work. Use those treats which your dog generally doesn’t get. Somewhat his favorite ones. Soft treats should be preferred as they are easy to be eaten up by them. Use of plenty of treats may give health problems to the puppy. So don’t make it a habit for them. Use verbal commands often, it takes time but is better and healthier than treats.

Leash training is a slow and tiring job for both of you and the pup. It takes time. Sometimes the puppy gets comfortable and familiar with the leash and can make your work an easy going job. But all of them are not the same. It takes time for some to get accustomed to the leash. Different breeds give different reactions. It may not be effective in the first go, but with repeated efforts will give you fruitful and long-lasting results.

Leash Train Your Dog This Way - Treats

Every pet owner dreams to have a relaxed and struggle free walk with their dogs. A dog pulling you the way he wants is a big no-no. Be gentle with the pup and don’t lose patience are the only mantras. Proper and timely training will result in future relaxation. It’s a rewarding job if done correctly.

We have some of the dog treats which are used while leash train your dog.

Leash Train Your Dog This Way - Treats

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