Orijen-grain-free pet food

Orijen pet food is manufactured by Champion petfoods which are located in Alberta, Canada & their food can be purchased over 60 countries all over the world. Orijen’s brand is known for its premium to feel when it comes to everything. The Orijen brand is only sold in a selected pet store and some of the online sources and it’s one of the most extravagant dog foods available in the market today. Orijen Company calls their food as Biological Appropriate which defines a very simple concept that mirrors the richness, freshness, and variety of meats that dogs and cats would naturally hunt in wild for which they are evolved to eat. Orijen foods are formulated to meet the nutritional needs of all life stages. 

With the increase in demand for good quality natural pet food, the need for food with a long shelf life has also escalated. Orijen achieves the perfect combination of these two qualities. This food contains a high amount of proteins from real meat, the perfect combination of fruits and veggies like apples, turnips, carrots, blueberries and cranberries that give your pooch the needed nutrients for a strong immune system and a healthy coat. All the ingredients are freeze-dried so no nutrients are lost in cooking the food, while considerably increasing the food’s longevity.

Having researched numerous dogs of different breeds, Orijen has formulated food based on the breed’s requirements. They have varieties catering to large breed, medium breed, and small breed. Dogs at different ages require nutrients in different composition and as such, there are food varieties available for puppies, adults and senior dogs (ones in their old-age). With optimum kibble size that ensures the dog chews its food properly and absorbs the nutrition, Orijen food is the best food to give your pooch. Hygienic has been a major asset that brought  Orjien into the outstanding pet foods as all their ingredients are regionally sourced and prepared in their own, award-winning kitchens.

Why is Orijen the best pet food

Here is an overview that makes the study of the ingredient chart easier. Orijen dog food has 




Orijen dog food is the preferred food for its natural ingredients. The different pet food products under Orijen are:

For Puppies:

Young puppies are filled with love and energy. They want to play with their owners and siblings. So it is a given that they require a lot of focus on the nutrients to ensure healthy growth. They need a high content of Protein that will help them attain good muscle growth and stay active while playing.

Orijen Puppy food :

Orijen puppy food is made to support the growth and development of small and medium breed puppies. Dogs are natural carnivores and they need Biologically Appropriate recipes that suit their evolutionary, nutritional requirements. It contains 85% meat,15% fruits and vegetables. Protein comes from a variety of meat sources like free-run poultry, wild-caught fish and nest-laid eggs. Orijen stands top from other brands because 2/3rd of meat is fresh and raw. Nutrient-dense WholePrey ratios of meat, cartilage, and organs are used so your pup has plenty of vitamins & minerals from natural sources. Orijen puppy food provides plenty of protein for a strong and healthy pup. To make it wholesome food, Vitamins, and other nutrients are provided by the vegetables and fruits in this food. Green peas, beans, and fresh green spinach constitute the major nutrient-packed veggies. Fruits that top of the ingredients are apples, blueberries, cranberries.

Orijen Puppy food

Orijen Large Breed Puppy :

Orijen Puppy Large Breed Puppy food is specifically made to support the growth and development of large breed puppies. Orijen Large breed puppy dry food formula is packed with 85% meat inclusion from six different inclusion of chicken, turkey, flounder, Atlantic mackerel and herring, and nest-laid eggs. Their large size calls for a higher percentage of proteins, so they can maintain their proportions. These promote a healthy weight and reduce stress on the animal’s bones and joints.

Orijen Large Breed Puppy

Orijen Original Dog food :

Orijen Original dog food uses their Biological Appropriate approach to the needs of all dogs at all stages. This food contains 85% meat inclusion giving your dog about 38% of Proteins from different meat sources like chicken, turkey, Atlantic Mackerel, herring, and nest-laid eggs. vitamins, fibre, and other vital nutrients are provided by the rich content of beans, blueberries, and cranberries.

Senior dogs are those that have entered their old age. These dogs have a very different nutritional requirement as their needs for energy have drastically reduced and need to eat pure food to sustain themselves. Their food needs to be low on calories and carbohydrates and a high content of fibre and vitamins to maintain a proper functioning digestive system. The vitamins will help keep their immunity strong.

Orijen Original Dog food

Orijen Senior Dog food :

Orijen Senior dog food is a special diet that provides more calories from the protein and rather than fat from carbohydrates. This helps to maintain a healthy weight for a senior dog. Orijen senior dog food is low on calories as it is very important to prevent obesity in dogs. The food concentrates primarily on providing the dog with Vitamins necessary to keep its immunity high and to prevent bone or other deficiency problems. With a 38% rich content of proteins, the food ensures that the senior dog’s lean muscle content does not deteriorate. The proteins come from fresh chicken, turkey, and fish. The food has a limited 19% content of low glycemic carbohydrates as senior dogs have reduced energy consumption and do not require much energy to be supplied from their food. A rich supply of Vitamins from fresh vegetables like carrots, kale, whole green spinach, beans, and fresh beet greens and fresh fruits like red apples, blueberries, cranberries contain the fibre, vitamins, and calcium that will be required by the senior dog.

Orijen Senior Dog food

Orijen Six Fish Adult Dog food :

Orijen Six Fish Adult Dog food is made with fresh and whole fish caught from the cold Pacific waters of Vancouver Island coast. It contains 85% of wild-caught fish meat & 15% of vegetables and fruits. Nutrient-Dense whole prey ratio ensures that the nutrients for pets are given to them naturally. Abiding by the fresh natural food philosophy, Orijen has also formulated a fish-flavoured food that consists of six different types of Atlantic fish. These include fresh Pacific Pilchard, Rockfish, Sole, Mackerel, Hake and Flounder. 2/3rds of the ingredients are flash-frozen i.e. dried without preservatives. The other 1/3rd of the ingredients are gently dried at 90 deg Celsius. The flash-frozen Cod liver adds flavour to the food making it irresistible to even fussy eaters. As almost all the nutrients are present in the fish content of this food, only zinc, and copper supplements are added to make it a complete food.

Orijen Six Fish Adult Dog food

Top Orijen pet food reviews :

  • Orijen is a Canada based company that sources all its fresh ingredients from Kentucky and other parts of the country. The farmers, fishermen, and ranchers are all connected to Orijen to provide only the best food for your pups. With such attention to maintaining the freshness of the food, it becomes evident why the brand has become so popular and sought after.
  • Orijen Puppy food – This is the best food for puppies as it contains a significantly high amount of proteins and fats. This food is suitable for puppies of all activity levels. With the correct amount of nutrients, one can be sure that their pup is going to grow into a healthy adult if it is raised on Orijen food.
  • Orijen Dog food products are not only suitable for all breeds, but this grain-free food is also especially suitable for dogs with a sensitive stomach. Every dog is sure to experience heightened energy levels, better bowel movements and a lustrous coat to name a few of the advantages of this premium food.
  • When it comes to our felines, Orijen food provides a meat-based food, they succeed in creating a nutrient-packed food for our cats. 

Cats :

Our pet cats are descendants of the Lions and Tigers. So, it is natural for them to prefer a diet that is high in meat and proteins. Along with these proteins, it is necessary that they also get their share of fatty acids and Vitamins that will give them a healthy and shiny coat. These also prevent the occurrence of hairballs in cats that love to lick and groom themselves often. Orijen has something on the offer for our feline buddies. Orijen cat & kitten contains the nutrients for the healthy growth of your kittens and helps your adult cats in maintaining their activeness and muscle.

Orijen Cat & Kitten :

Orijen Cat & Kitten is a special diet that is made with Biologically Appropriate ingredients that contain 40% protein content which suits cats naturally carnivorous evolutionary system. Keeping up with the fresh food policy, Orijen cat food has a high content of fresh meat from chicken, turkey, and fish. Meat, organs, bones, and cartilage provide all the nutrients that your cats will need. The generous infusion of the freeze-dried liver also makes this food irresistible for fussy eaters.

Orijen Cat & Kitten

Treats :

Treats are bite-sized delicious edibles usually given as a reward for good behaviour or as an incentive while training the pet to do a particular activity. Orijen, staying true to its freshness, has formulated treats that your pet will love and you can be assured that its nutrition is also taken care of with these nutritious treats.


Orijen Six fish dog treats :

Orijen Six Fish is a special kind of dog treat which is made with fresh and wild-fish caught from the cold waters off the coast of New England. Six Fish dog treats are freeze-dried to retain all the nutritious goodness in concentrated form. It’s a 100% fish-based treat from Orijen for both puppies and dogs. This treat is also biologically appropriate, which is the finest portion of fresh fish. To make it more delicious they add freeze-dried cod liver which improves the flavour. The meat, organs, and cartilages from these fish are packed with protein and every other nutrient making them the most desirable treats.

Orijen Six fish dog treats


Orijen Free-Run Duck Dog Treat :

Orijen free-run duck dog treats made from a single protein that is easier to digest. Orijen freeze-dried treats retain all the nutrition which is delicious & in concentrated form and made from 100% muscovy duck and duck liver. Orijen Biologically Appropriate ensures the treat doesn’t just taste good loaded with nutrition too. Grain-free and freeze-dried to preserve the maximum nutrients, these treats ensure that your dog stays safe from obesity and performs his activities with much more enthusiasm and energy. In addition to proteins, these treats also have a high content of Fibre and Vitamin E that aids in strengthening the dog’s digestive system and also make bones stronger in old – age. Duck liver also provides the vital EPA – DHA that ensures the dog has a healthy and shiny coat.

Orijen Free-Run Duck Dog Treat

Orijen Original dog treats :

Orijen Original Dog treats are suitable for all breeds which contain 100% natural meat with 45% protein content. These freeze-dried treats contain free-run chicken, turkey and wild-caught monkfish which makes it delicious. Even after a complete diet meal pet feels hungry, as the pet needs more nutrition support. So Orijen pet treats help the pet to have extra nutrition.   

These treats should be given in small amounts for your pet. Be consistent in rewarding your pet for good obedient behaviour with treats and your pooch will start showing rightful behaviour to earn those treats. With Orijen, you can rest assured that you are giving your pet dog a completely natural food free from preservatives and also grain-free food that is biologically appropriate for your dogs and made from only high-quality ingredients. 

Orijen Free-Run Duck Dog Treat

Orijen Six fish cat treats :

Orijen Six Fish Cat Treats are made with raw animal ingredients which include meat, organs, cartilage, and bone of fishes from the North Pacific waters. These are 100% pure and natural meat with 45% protein content. These delicacies are freeze-dried to retain all their goodness in a concentrated form, making them irresistible for your kitty.  These treats are packed with proteins which makes them a powerhouse of nourishment.

Orijen Six fish cat treats

Orijen Original Cat treats :

Orijen Original cat treats are packed with proteins from free-run chicken, turkey and wild-caught flounder for a delicious combination. These treats contain 100% meat and they are 100% natural which is prepared without using any preservatives. Treats are gently freeze-dried to retain their nutrients and taste.

At Champion Petfoods, Orijen has been making award-winning dog and cat food in their kitchens for over a quarter-century. Orijen Pet foods are passionate about their food and they make every food product under their plant where they can control and perform every detail of production and so that they can check each ingredient, to cooking, packaging, and quality process. Orijen has their kitchens and they make their food, that’s the reason they are still standing on top of the premium food list.

Orijen Original Cat treats

A short video that showcases the ingredients, the benefits and the nutritious value of Orijen food :

Positivity across the customers on Orijen Pet Food :

We officially have a wide chain of the social web, where we have trusted customer reviews which brought the brand into the fame of success from the past two eras. Here are a few of them:

Positivity across the customers on Orijen Pet Food

  • One customer says she started giving her cat Orijen six fish treats and notices improved behaviour as the pet loves them and behaves well to earn these munchies.
  • Ever since this customer started feeding Orijen puppy food to his Golden Retriever pup, he has noticed increased energy, better growth, and a shiny coat. He decided to make Orijen the primary food for his pet.
  • A cat parent swears by Orijen Cat & kitten food. He says that his cat shows increased energy, is more satisfied after a meal and does not worry about hairballs any more.
  • This dog parent was hesitant shifting to Orijen. But, after trying out Orijen Puppy’s large breed for his Labrador, he is happy with the results and has decided to continue with it.

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