Products That Help After Post Surgery Of Pets

Surgery is something which can fright even us being a human being, so it can do the same with pets as well. Surgery leads us to post-surgery care which is an imperative task that requires utmost care and concern. It is hard to visualize your loving pet undergoing a surgery and is heartbreaking too. But medical problems if arises, it needs to be dealt with no matter what?

Dealing with surgery varies from pets to pets. Every pet is dissimilar and has their own way of healing.  Whereas, there are some universal and inescapable issues that every pet suffers, about which we are going to talk here.

Post surgery care doesn’t come as a standard procedure and it is quite complex to figure out what and how to be done? When a pet parent picks up their pet after the surgery they are likely to undergo stress or panic. This is because they aren’t sure what to do and what they might expect? We understand, pets are just like small babies and these kinds of behavior and reaction from the pet owner are usual and should be well thought-out normal.

In this article, we will talk about what are the products to be used following surgery for your pets to make post-surgery care more trouble-free and unproblematic? These products will turn out as the knight in shining armor for you and your pet’s post-surgery.

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1. Trixie, Protective Pants, Washable:

These pants are made of extra comfortable material. This product draws attention with its wide elastic bands which are fully adjustable. The snap clip is purely handy which gives a secure fitting. This product is ideal after surgery, as it might get difficult for your pet to discharge. Also, this pack includes three spare pads and sanitary liners which are separately available.

Trixie, Protective Pants, Washable 

The product features are mentioned below – 

  • Handy snap clip
  • Made of microfiber
  • Extra  comfortable  
  • Wide plastic
  • Perfect elasticated fit
  • Easy to put and take off
  • Easy washable.

2. Trixie, Puppy Loo; Puppy Toilet:

This product is helpful in particular for puppies. To be expected if the puppy undergoes surgery, then it is quite difficult for him to undergo the change. It might result in discharging at unpredictable places and also he might not be comfortable with the pads. Then this product comes to the rescue. The highlight of the product is the nappy pads used on it, which allows great absorption. Do not worry about the hold of the pads as the folding frame provides a secure hold of it as well even if the pad is not fully soaked. This product comes with the rubber feet which avoids slipping and is safe for your pet.

Trixie, Puppy Loo; Puppy Toilet

The product features are mentioned below – 

  • Fast and effective housetraining
  • Folding frame
  • Secure hold for puppy pads if they are completely soaked
  • Non slip
  • Rubber feet

3. Pads for Protective Pants 10pcs:

This product is a savior as it is a refill for dog’s protective pants. This product is suitable for all protective pants. Must you be thinking about the quality of the product right? So, the product is really lightweight, easy to put in and out into the slots. You can easily dispose of these pads. As you get 10 pads in a pack you have enough for a few seasons at a time. Feel free to use this product, it will make it easy for you to catch and dispose of the match.

Pads for Protective Pants 10pcs


The product features are mentioned below – 

  • Suitable for all protective pants
  • Floor protection
  • For indoor house training
  • Easy to clean
  • Fragrance free
  • Eliminates embarrassing odors
  • Suitable for all Trixie protective pants

4. Trixie, Diapers for Male Dogs, Disposable 12pcs:

This product is suitable for male dogs. The unique feature of this product is its abdominal belt with elastic. It gives an excellent fit. This product can be used after the operation and while traveling as well. The product is available in various sizes which means it can be used for dogs of all ages especially for senior dogs and also at the time of uncontrollable discharge.

Trixie, Diapers for Male Dogs, Disposable 12pcs


The product features are mentioned below – 

  • Comes with abdominal belt
  • After operations and traveling good fit due to elastic band
  • Hygiene for incontinence, after operations and when traveling
  • Highly absorbent
  • Good fit due to elastic band
  • Easy disposable
  • And adhesive features

5. Trixie, Bubble Stream Automatic Water Dispenser 3 liter/Trixie, Duo Stream Automatic Water Dispenser 1 liter:

After surgery, there is a great need for your pet to be highly hydrated and healthy. But mostly after going through scissors your pet might not have the urge to drink. This product is an automatic water dispenser means no trouble for you. Unsurprisingly, it has automatic feature and comes with a bubble and duo stream which lets your pup to come forward. Surely, they will find it amazing. The stream provides fresh, clean and continuously moving water. The product is quiet and will not disturb your pet from enjoying a thirst-quenching drink. The well-aerated water also tastes great, making every drink delicious.

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