What makes Acana pet food premium?

Champion Petfoods, the company behind Acana pet food was founded in Alberta, Canada. Acana food products are available in over 60 countries worldwide and considered as one of the best pet food in the market. Acana makes high-quality biological appropriate ingredients, and they manufacture complete products inside their factory with guaranteed quality. Acana is a grain-free food which is a revolutionary recipe made with organic ingredients and protein from the free-range and wild-caught animals.

Its primary focus is to provide a quality grain-free diet for pets. Acana sources its ingredients from local sources. Local farmers, animal rearers and fishermen are connected with Acana to provide the best ingredients that go into their award-winning pet food. This makes it one of the best dog foods on the market. Acana achieves this by formulating food that our pets have naturally evolved eating. Pet food from this premium brand concentrates on a high content of locally available red meat. Also, the absence of preservatives makes the food safer for our pets. Acana is one of the most expensive dog foods in the market as they have a tried and tested Quality maintenance record.

What makes Acana pet food premium? - About pet food needs :

About pet food needs :

Our dogs are descendants of the grey wolf and our cats descended from the mountain lion and bobcat. Being domesticated over all these years, even though their dietary patterns may have changed, their internal instincts always favour the foods they are built to eat. Whole meat constitutes a major chunk of their natural diet. Veggies and fruits are required in small quantities to supply vital nutrients that are needed for staying healthy.   

Pet food overview :

Acana has divided its ingredient formula into many pet meal segments depending on the pet nutrition diet, such as puppy food of Acana has suitable content of nutrition whereas adult and senior pets will be having another level of nutrition diet. So here is a brief product count which has been divided as per the requirements. Acana also has a treat segment as a quick bit. So here is a count on which the acana has winged up into three segments i.e.,

  • Acana classic pet food
  • Acana Heritage
  • Acana single

Acana classic pet food is loaded with 50% meat which gives the required amount of nutrition and of vitamins and of meat protein.

Acana wild cost holds a premium segment class which lets 50% of wild-caught fish which has a rich lean protein ingredient which has a great impact on the pets. These two wings of acana hold a super premium mark of rich nutritious.

Acana Heritage holds the different Nutri – packed diet suitable for pets according to its age.

What makes Acana pet food premium? - Pet food overview :

 What type of food is good for a dog?

When you bring home a pet dog, a lot of thought has to go into what type of food you will be feeding your pet. For this will decide the health and well being of your canine buddy. 

One should always take a close look at the list of ingredients on the dog food bag, to decide whether the food is fit for your pet. Ideally, dogs love and need a lot of meat in their food as they are natural carnivores. The top 5 ingredients on the food bag should have whole meat in it. Meat should comprise a major chunk of their food to ensure a nutritionally balanced diet and satiety after every meal.

Acana foods have a large portion of their food comprising freeze-dried whole meat from poultry chicken and freshwater fish. This makes it fit the ideal food requirements of dogs.

Different Dog foods :

Here is a rundown of the different dog foods under the Acana banner:

  • Acana small breed puppy food :

Probably the best food for your small breed pups, Acana formulates the ideal biologically appropriate food that caters to the specific needs of small breed puppies. Regionally sourced proteins from free-run poultry and nest-laid eggs. These are the best sources of proteins for a growing pup. The generous content of veggies and fruits in the form of peas, lentils, fresh green spinach, hand-picked red apples, Bartlett pears, cranberries and blueberries give all the vitamins and nutrients to keep the pup healthy and strong.

Acana small breed puppy food

  • Acana large breed puppy food :

Acana large breed puppy food is a  biologically appropriate food for puppies that weigh more than 25 kgs when grown. A high content of proteins from 3 different sources ensures an ideal growth and sufficient energy to carry out their activities with ease. The fresh meat comes from poultry chicken, turkey and fish from the Northern Pacific waters. Along with high-quality proteins, the vital Vitamins and nutrients required to stay healthy and fit. These nutrients are provided by the content of fresh kale, green spinach, peas, carrots, apple, blueberries and fresh whole cranberries.

Acana large breed puppy food

The Acana large breed puppy food is available in 2 bag size variants – 17 kg and 11.4 kg

  • Acana adult small breed  food :

Acana adult small breed food is a biologically appropriate food prepared in Acana’s kitchens. Suitable for all small breed dogs that are aged 1 year or older. Prepared with the freshest ingredients, this food consists of 70 – 75% proteins from poultry chicken, freshwater fish and eggs. This grain-free food provides your dog with a healthy dose of energy from proteins. The food also contains fresh peas, kale, spinach, pumpkin squash, red apples, pears, cranberries and blueberries. These provide all the required nutrients for strong immunity and a healthy coat.

Acana adult small breed food

Acana adult small breed food is available in 2 bag size variants – 6kg and 2kg.

  • Acana adult large breed food :

Acana adult large breed is a  specially formulated food caters to the needs of large breed dogs. Adult dogs of these breeds can weigh upto 50 kgs. They need food that will help them sustain their growth by giving them the required amount of proteins, vitamins and other vital nutrients. Along with performing this function, the food must also keep a check on the dog’s weight to avoid excess strain on its joints. The food consists of a lesser share of proteins from chicken and turkey. Along with this, there is a decent content of green peas, lentils, carrots, fresh green spinach, kelp, red apples, blueberries and chicory root to complete this food as a wholesome diet. 

Acana adult large breed food

Acana adult large breed food is available in 2 bag size variants – 17kg and 11.4kg.

  • Acana Classic Wild coast dog food :

Our dogs require the food of their ancestors to reach the peak of their health. With this in mind, Acana Classic Wild Coast dog food has been formulated. This biologically appropriate food that is suitable for all dog breeds and life stages. This dry food contains fish from the Pacific waters that offer an abundance of proteins and low-glycemic carbohydrates. 1/3rd of the fish in this food is fresh and whole, supplying nutrients in the most.

Acana Classic Wild coast dog food

Acana classic wild coast food is available in 4 bag size variants – 17 kg, 11.4kg, 6kg and 2kg.

  • Acana prairie poultry dog food :

Acana prairie poultry dog food is a high protein and carb-free dry food created for your dog. This food contains low-glycemic oats that help to stabilize the blood sugar levels and also keeps the dog physically fit by avoiding weight gain. The food primarily contains chicken meal as the main source of proteins. Chicken meal is prepared with a special process which drastically reduces the moisture of chicken, leaving a highly dense source of protein. In addition to this, it has a high content of low-glycemic oats which is especially needed by diabetic dogs or ones that have gained weight and become obese. The plenty of vitamins and other nutrients are provided by the number of vegetables and fruits in the form of green peas, red and green lentils, fresh spinach, kale, turnip, carrots and the fruits content is rich with apples, cranberries and blueberries that make this food delicious and nutrient-packed.

Acana prairie poultry dog food

Acana prairie poultry dog food is available in 4 bag size variants – 17kg, 11.4 kg, 6kg and 2kg. 

  • Acana sport and agility :

For highly active dogs, a special diet that provides sufficient energy should be given to them. Keeping the needs of such active dogs in mind, Acana has formulated a biologically appropriate high energy diet that specifically caters to providing these highly active dogs with all the energy and nutrients that they need. The primary ingredients of this grain-free food are –  75% chicken meat, flatfish and nest eggs. Dehydrated Kure & crust, red cocka, pure fat, peas, freshly cooked heart and liver, eggs, whole herring, dried trout, beans, carp, cranberries, oyster. Zinc is the only supplement added. All other nutrients are provided by the natural ingredients in the food.

Acana sport and agility

  • Acana light & fit dog food :

Acana light & fit is a dog food formulated to aid dogs that have gained weight and need a specific diet that will help them lose that extra weight. Suitable for adults of all breeds, this food has only 65% of meat from country run chicken and nest eggs. The high content of fruits and leafy vegetables adds a considerable fibre content that keeps the dog feeling full for a longer time and in turn aids in weight loss.

Acana light & fit dog food

Acana Light & fit dog food is available in 3 bag size variants – 11.4kg, 6kg and 2kg.

  • Acana grass-fed lamb :

Acana has also taken into consideration, dogs with sensitive tummies and formulated a complete range of Acana grass fed lamb. This biologically appropriate food consists of single meat which is the major source of proteins. Single meat makes the food easily digestible. Fresh fruits make this a high fibre diet, aiding digestion.  

Acana grass-fed lamb

Acana grass-fed lamb dog food is available in 3 bag size variants – 11.4kg, 6kg and 2kg.

  • Acana free-run duck dog food :

Acana free-run duck dog food has limited ingredients food which features 50% ducks. Acana free- duck food is an easily digestible animal protein that is perfect for dogs with food sensitivities for all breeds and life stages. This food comes with a raised-free run, duck with highly nourishing WholePrey ratios of meat, organs, and cartilage. It also contents with delicious pear, squash, and pumpkin which gives healthy digestion. These all things are prepared from fresh regional ingredients inside the award-winning kitchen. Acana free-run duck dog food is richly nourishing with delicious flavour.

Acana free-run duck dog food

Acana free-run duck dog food is available in 3 bag size variants – 11.4kg, 6kg and 2kg.

  • Acana Cobb Chicken & Greens :

The primary motive of Acana is to provide our dogs with food that they have evolved eating. With the Acana Cobb Chicken & Greens, they aim to increase lean muscle mass in our dog, making it achieve peak muscle conditioning. This food is loaded with chicken and turkey with a full 40% of vegetables and fruits including red apples, pears, potatoes and butternut squash that give your dog a satisfying and a nutrient-packed diet.

Acana Cobb Chicken & Greens

Acana Cat Food

Acana cat food is loaded with fresh regional ingredients and with their unique foods which features an unmatched diversity of poultry, wild-caught fish or red meat which is delivered to the award-winning kitchen. Acana  Regional which is packed with rich proteins, packed with 75% meat and 25% fresh vegetables and fruits.

  • Acana Pacifica Cat food :

Acana Cat food is a Biologically Appropriate which is made for all breeds no matter what the age of the cat. Acana Pacifica cat food is mainly on fish meat which formulated with local ingredients from Canada. The recipe contains 100% wild-caught fish which includes herring, flounder and pacific hake from North Vancouver Island. Acana food is a rich source of protein that maintains good muscle mass and optimal body function in felines. The food contains 50% of fish content which is present in the diet is freshly prepared to make the meal highly delicious for cats. Acana Pacifica cat food is very low in carbohydrates to prevent obesity and to maintain a healthy blood sugar level. Acana Food is a combination of fruits, vegetables and botanical which provides all necessary vitamins and minerals for building a strong immune system. It also contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 like fatty acids which give healthy skin and beautiful coat to the cat.

Acana Pacifica Cat food

Acana Pacifica Cat food is available in 2 bag size variants – 5.4kg and 1.8kg.

Acana Dog Treats :

Treats are bite-sized snacks for your pets. Usually given as a reward while training or as an incentive for displaying good behaviour. Treats are usually concentrated more towards satisfying the taste buds than focussing on being nutritious. Acana dog treats have been formulated keeping the animal’s biological needs in mind and that the treats are suitable for all breeds and ages.  Acana’s freeze-dried lamb and apple treats contain a large portion of lamb, apples and milk thistle.

Acana Dog treats

Acana Lamb and apple dog treats are available in 2 bag size variants – 92 grams and 35 grams.

Ingredient- Treats: 

Treats also share the ingredient catalogue which the acana pet foods own, but in the different state and different quantity which are suitable for the pets having the treats. Treats are well known to deliver the vitamin content which includes the fruit smash and vegetable paste along with the meat protein and healthy fat. 

Fruit content engages with  –

Pumpkin puree, eggs, peanut butter, and other sugar substances which give vitamin support in rich content. The treats will be advisable when it is in the puppy stage where usually a puppy will be lacking a bunch of vitamins, where the treats are helped to delivery sufficient vitamin content.

Vegetable content engages with Cantaloupe carrots green peas and cucumber which are blended which gives a lean growth of muscles and plays an important role in the pet’s skin coat. As a growing pet can’t take much intake of meal protein. So the vegetables help the puppy in growing optimized stage along with all the vitamins which are essential in its healthy life growth. 

Caution for giving treats:

Treats should only be given in small amounts while activity or skill training. This gives the pet an incentive to be obedient and wants to learn the new skill. These treats should be considered as an alternative to pet food. 

Acana Customer reviews from 2018 and 2019 :

Acana has a 4 out of 5-star rating which is an outstanding review report. This shows that Acana pet food is loved by many pet owners globally.

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