Pet Care

5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Happy And Healthy

You love your furry friend and that means you want to look out for their well-being at all times. Luckily it doesn’t take much but some exercise, good food, and lots of love. Here are the five most important ways to keep your pet healthy.

Regular Exercise

This is vital for all of us, including your dog. Routine exercise doesn’t even need to be a complicated endeavor either, whether you’re going for a walk or headed to the dog park to chase the ball (and other dogs) around the pen.

How you do this is entirely up you but be sure to incorporate at least an hour or more a day in physical activity as part of your pet’s exercise regimen. Get creative and adventurous about it as well, you don’t need to play fetch every day. Go for a hike along a trail, maybe a long jog together, perhaps you even have enough room in your home to let your dog run around.

Whatever it takes, just be sure that you do something that gets those muscles working and the blood flowing. You may just discover that you’re doing yourself a world of good at the same time.

Stay Sharp

It’s all well and good to get your dog running, jumping, and playing with gusto but you should also work to keep their mind focused and sharp as well. After all, dogs can be incredibly smart and clever and when you give them new and exciting stimuli to experience on a routine basis, that can be incredibly revitalizing to dogs both young and old.

So make an effort to get your dog engaged mentally by giving them something unexpected and new to do on a regular basis. You can teach your dog a new trick, go exploring some place you two have never been before, introduce your dog to new people or locations. Whatever you can think of to get your dog engaged and interested in the world around them will be more than beneficial to their overall well-being.

Humans get bored and complacent when they fail to be challenged by life. The same thing can happen to your four-legged friend.

Taking Care

No dog likes to go to the veterinarian, but it’s important for keeping them happy and healthy. Our pets are unable to tell us when they are feeling under the weather or if something is bothering them. It’s true we may be able to tell they’re not their usual self but the reason why can be tough to ascertain without a professional diagnosis.

So it’s important to seek out Wellesley veterinarian care Richmond  VA for finding out if your dog is in the best of health. The best way to avoid to help your pet avoid getting sick is to find any potential health issues before they emerge and become serious concerns.

But regular check-ups at the vet is only part of the equation. Taking good care of your dog is also about identifying the best type of food for their nutritional requirements. Giving health supplements and routine grooming visits can also make your dog feel great.

Be sure to do these things at regularly scheduled intervals and not just when you come around to thinking about it. Making an effort to be diligent about routine care will show your pet you care about them and they will respond in kind.

Proper Feeding

Knowing your dog’s nutritional requirements is also critical for keeping your pet healthy. So be sure to do your research when it comes to purchasing the right food. There are so many different brands out there and it can be tough to know which ones will promote good health and which ones are merely filler and can make your pet gain weight and feel sluggish.

So doing your research into the best brands of food will help your dog reach those nutritional needs and keep your pet feeling their best.

Plenty of Love

Last but certainly not least, your dog needs to know they are loved and that is shown in your behaviors towards and with your pet. Speaking in a kind voice, giving your pet daily positive affirmation, playing with your dog, hanging out together on the couch, whatever time you can spend bonding with your dog will be invaluable to your relationship.

Of course, giving your pup some treats from time to time when they do something right can go a long way as well. Only you know how your pet will react to certain displays of affection, so give them to your dog to let them know you appreciate and cherish them every day.

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