Everything That Your Pet Need This Winter

Winter Clothing And Apparels For Pets: A Comprehensive Guide

Winter Clothes And Apparel For Pets- Do They Need It?

With the onset of winters the pet owners, especially new pet owners, find themselves hooked by the question, ‘Do pets need winter clothes?’ or ‘Does my dog need a sweater for winter’? Let us help you out here. Most breeds certainly do. Particularly if your furry friend is light bodied or small breeds, their skin and hair might not be thick enough to stand the chilly weather. You may more or less need to get your pets warm apparels like pet jackets or boots for summers as well if you live in some snowy and cold place. Even in case of hairy or big breeds, dog jackets must be considered as the temperature starts falling below their tolerable level. Check our empirical product range that would meet all the requirements of your pets, year long.

Have you been wondering how to tell if it is cold enough for your pet? Read on.

How to tell when your pet is cold

Did you notice your furry pals getting winter shivers even though you have put on the regular clothing on him? Simply, the regular clothing that you have for them might not offer enough of insulation in the chilly weather. It is thus important for you to know when they are cold so you don’t delay in getting the right set of winter apparel that would keep the little guys warm. They may get sick if exposed to low temperature without appropriate insulation.

Usually, the smaller and thin fur breeds and puppies could start getting cold once the temperature drops below 25 degree Celsius. Furrier or bigger breeds can stand a bit lower temperatures- up to 22 degree Celsius. In temperatures higher than these, you can dress them up in lighter clothes.

So now you know when to start considering Dog jackets this winter. You can find the ideal dog jackets online with us at Marshallspetzone to keep your little (or big) ‘paw-pals’ perfectly warm and healthy this winter.

Everything That Your Pet Need This Winter

Why should you use winter apparels for pets?

Many pet owners are not aware of the importance of winter apparels. The normal pet clothes may not be sufficient to keep dogs and cats warm at low temperatures. You can use light clothing like dog t-shirts or light cat shirts when they are indoors or can even use light hoodies or pet coats. However, if the temperature outside falls below 25 degrees C, you need to get some heavy winter dog hoodies or dog jackets or dog coats for providing adequate insulation for them. Otherwise, it would be easy for them to get sick with falling temperature. Also, if you trim the hair of your long fur pet, as in case of poodles, you need to provide them alternative insulation. Thus a pet sweater does contribute significantly to the welfare of your pets.Marshallspetzone has a great variety of hoodies and jackets, including light-weight dog jackets and cat clothes that can keep them perfectly warm without making them uncomfortable.

Sometimes, normal pet clothes may not prevent pet bugs like fleas and ticks from entering the fur of your pet while you take them out, leaving the animals uncomfortable. And then, you don’t want external ticks, fleas and bugs to enter your pet’s fur and coat. Many of the busy pet owners may not have enough time to pay close attention to it. So Marshalls Petzone has the all-new revolutionary bug-free clothes for your dogs and cats, to prevent outside ticks and fleas from entering his fur, thus adding to their comfort and health, even if you have been going busy. Now it is not just the comfort that these clothes and jackets offer your little friends, but their little share of happiness as well. More often than not, dog owners find their pets cheerful and happy when they are bought tiny presents, including comfy pet clothing for them. Wouldn’t that just make them more adorable and heart- melting? So if you have been thinking ‘should dog wear winter clothes?’ then answer is, yes, they really should. If you have been thinking about getting a new winter apparel for your pet, or have been thinking about surprising them with some new pet toys or gifts, make sure you take a look of our unmatchable product line. You can find the best of all for your pets and their happy faces.

Everything That Your Pet Need This Winter

Measuring your dog or cat for clothing

Certainly, you have got to find out the measurements of your pet to make sure you find comfortable pet clothes or leash for them. If you have been wondering how to measure your dog or cat for figuring out clothes that fit them, you have the solution right here, in few simple steps. No complicated or sweating measuring procedure and no running size charts. So measure them right and get your pet the cloth that would neither drag around nor suffocate them.

Marshallpetzone makes the buy easier for you since we have size charts, so you can easily figure out the perfect clothes for your cats and dogs. Doubtlessly, you will find clothing of all sizes, styles, and fabrics for summers as well as winters in our store.

How to measure your dog for clothing?

Step 1: Get your dog to stand straight on a plane surface. Well yeah, this might be a bit tricky for many of you who have restless, always moving guys. Good luck with that! You can offer your pet something to chew on or some treat that would make them stand in one place. If nothing, ask a friend or family member to help you with getting the guy stand in the right posture.

Step 2: Check for the right posture. The dog must be standing straight with tail and head up. Once you have this done, rest of the process is simple.

Step 3: Decide the neckline, that is, the point where you want the collar to rest. That is the point you need to start measuring from.

Step 4: Measure the length of the back with a measuring tape in inches, from the neckline to the starting point of the tail of your dog/cat and note down the measurement on a paper. You might want to re-measure to make sure you took the right length. Also, make sure you don’t take a tight measure. The measurement in inches is the size of the size of the clothing. If the measurement is 22 inches, for example, you can opt for size 22 on the website. If your pet is pretty much of a chubby one, you might want to take the next size to make sure the dress is not suffocating.

Getting the ideal sweater

You need to consider a few things to find the right sweater for your furry love baby. Here are few tips for you if you have been thinking about ‘What sweaters to buy’ or if you have been looking for a pet sweater buying guide

The first thing you need to do is having a good understanding of your pet, its physique and requirements. Breeds like Chihuahua and whippets that are more sensitive to cold weather must be given dense sweaters of fabrics like wool that can offer adequate protection from cold. On the other hand, for hairier and bigger breeds, you need lighter hoods or coats that won’t overheat them. You must measure them correctly before making a purchase, so it would fit them. The holes for neck and leg must be wide enough to let them move around freely. Take care that the sweater snuggly fits/covers the chest and belly, especially in case of small breeds.

On Marshalls Petzone, you can get wide varieties of Dog sweaters, Jackets, hoodies and coats for you to select from. The wider the choice you have, the more accurate selection you will be able to make. You can also buy special occasion clothing for your pets with us- we will make sure that it is not just in summers that your pet can look stylish and trendy.

Everything That Your Pet Need This Winter

Where to buy?

Though pet clothing is a developing trend in India, you may not be able to find a lot of physical pet cloth stores or pet boutiques around you. So you would rather prefer online stores, not all are reliable. While some e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart are reliable, they may be very limited in the choice of pet clothing, which again is a setback.

Marshallspetzone can be your ultimate companion and guide to find everything that your pet need. Our product line not only includes comfy winter apparels for pets including puppy clothes but also trendy and designer pet clothing, occasional wears, cat clothes, dog shoes, dog hats etc. If you have been looking for trendy pet accessories and stylish clothing for your pets, Marshallspetzone might just be the thing you need.

We offer an extensive range of different pet products to make sure that our customers find exactly what you are looking for and that the little ‘paw-pals’ are happy. In fact, need anything related to pets at all? Simply get straight to

With us, you surely can buy most perfect clothes for your love babies that they would be comfortable for them to wear around as if it is their skin. Moreover, a feature that makes us stand out in the crowd of online pet stores is the quick replacements that we offer in addition to our unbeatable range of pet products. Since you cannot do trials while purchasing online, it is important that you buy pet clothes from a reliable dealer and MarshallspetZone is one of the most reliable and all-inclusive online stores you can count on. Sometimes it may take a day or two for your pet to be comfortable with new clothing. However, if you think the cloth you bought is actually not fitting your pet, you can reach us for swift and hassle-free replacements. Simply, with us, you do a worry-free shopping for your pets. Check out our offers, products, and services right away so you don’t miss out anything.


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