Let’s Know Salman Khan’s Adorable Bond With His Pet

Salman Khan is a big fame and a big name. I don’t think we need any introduction for this man. We all are aware of his recognition but very few of us are aware of the immense love he shares with his pets. The world needs to know this relationship. So let us be familiar with more about the true Dabangg actor and his unconditional love for his pets. Here in this article, we came up with some unknown facts about them. So, let’s get started –

  • Myson and Myjaan, you know whose these names are?

These are the names of Salman Khan’s Bull mastiff dogs. The name of his pets evidently replicates how much he was emotionally involved with them. Unfortunately, both Myson (named after his first pet) and Myjaan are no more.

  •  Long back in the year 2011, Salman Khan donated an adorable picture of him with his two pets to the Bombay Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for a cause that was to spread awareness about animal welfare.
  •  Here sharing two pictures that can melt anyone’s heart and bring tears.

The former picture is of Salman Khan with his pet Veer who passed away long back. Whereas the later picture is of Salman holding Veer’s paw and we can also see the signature bracelet of him as well.These pictures were shared by Salman Khan himself with his pet friend.

Let’s turn the topic and see the brighter side.

  •  Here presenting a throwback picture posted by Salman Khan of his dad. Love that Salman has for his pets has purely come from genes.

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