How To Litter Train Your Cat?

Being a cat owner can be pretty much of a responsibility- well, at least some cat owners do sweat, if not all. We at Marshalls Petzone are always to your rescue. This article is going to be the answer to your questions- how to litter training cats and how to clean litter boxes.

Cats are relatively neater pets and discharge themselves in the soil out of natural instincts. It would not be hard to train if the kitten you bring home has already seen its mother using litter boxes. Read on to know how you can litter train your cats.

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Here are some important points that you might want to know in the context of Litter Training A Cat as a cat owner or if you are going to be a cat owner any sooner.

Importance Of  Litter Train Your Cat From The Beginning :

It is a common thing that cat owners consider litter training cats at an early stage, not of much significance. What they don’t realise is that litter training them while they are still kittens would make it much easier to get them into the habit.

On an Average, kitties will start using the litter boxes for discharging themselves around 3-4 weeks of age. Delaying the cat Litter training would just make getting into the habit of using litter boxes difficult for them. Initially, you might have to place them or guide them into the litter boxes. For once (or even a few more time- depending on how stubborn your kitty is), you may have to take their paws slowly and show them how to scratch in the litter. Out of their nature and instincts, they would easily catch up with the routine.

Importance Of Litter Train Your Cat From The Beginning

Read on to know more about litter boxes and cat litter training.

Types Of  Litter:

Given that cats naturally like to discharge themselves in soil or sand, it is better to keep the litter of somewhat same consistency and finely textured as the beach or garden soil. There are a variety of scented litter alternatives available as well, and you may want to choose according to what your kitty prefer- you can even go for the scentless ones. Ensure sufficiency of litter in the litter box- it must be somewhere about 2 inches. Now, since you are making all these arrangements for your kitty, why not consider the preferences and requirements of your cats as well!?

You can check out the best quality litter for cats over Given below are some of the best litters of cats.

Pets Empire Bentonite Cat Litter :

Cat Litter : made of highly absorbent and non-toxic bentonite. It lets you scoop odors away, leaving your litter box clean and fresh. Its special clumping granules quickly absorb liquid while lasting than conventional litter. Your cats will be delighted at the natural, hygienic and fast clumping products.

Pets Empire Bentonite Cat Litter

Intersand Odourlock Cat Litter, 12Kg :

Interstand odourlock cat litter has a super-fast clumping feature that makes scooping easier and reduces the risk of respiratory issues for both cat owners and cats. Made of clay, Intersand Odourlock Cat Litter is a highly reliable cat litter. The product boasts of efficient Odour Lock, with its ‘Odour shield’ technology.

Intersand Odourlock Cat Litter, 12Kg

Cat Exclusive Scoopable Cat Litter, 10kg :

Another of the easy to manage cat litter comes from Cat Exclusive. The product guarantees hygiene of litter and sufficient odor control. It is very safe to use for your cat and very easy to maintain and clean. It comes with an economical price for a daily use basis.

Cat Exclusive Scoopable Cat Litter, 10 kg

Cat’s Best Original :

Cat’s best original is more efficient than most of the conventional cat litter because it has a natural plant fiber capillary system which is very effective in retaining fluids. It’s also available in 2.3kg, 4.3kg, 8.6kg, and 17.6kg, the product features high absorbance rate, Bio-degradability, and lightweight content.

Cat’s Best Original

Delite Cat Litter For Cats :

Delite cat litter is considered as base content which may remain up to 4-6 weeks in the coat toilet, less wastage quantity and it can be disposed of through domestic toilets. It’s also available in 5kg & 10kg. Delite cat litters are not only one of the top products, but it is also a relatively economic alternative, while there is no question of quality.

Delite Cat Litter For Cats

Pet Pattern Cat Litter 10kg :

Pet Partner is special clay with extremely good adsorption properties. In other words, it is an entirely natural, environmentally safe product, unbleached and contains no harmful substances or fibres. After use, it can be reemployed as a composting aid, or for soil-improvement, with excellent result.

Pet Pattern Cat Litter 10 kg

Versele-Laga KRONEN SILICA 5L(2.2kg) :

Cat litter made from ultra-absorbent white and blue grains for inhibiting the germinative development of bacteria. Tremendous absorption & completely neutralizes the bad odors. Lightweight and 100 % environmentally friendly.

Versele-Laga KRONEN SILICA 5L(2.2KG)

Pet Brands Cat Litter De-Odorising Crystals :

Deodorizing crystals can be of good help in keeping the cat litter fresh. Pet Brands De-odorising Crystals is a recommend and reliable product in this dimension. It is totally non-toxic and safe and suitable for all breeds as well as all litters. The lightly perfumed crystals ensure efficient and continuous deodorizing of the litter.

Pet Brands Cat Litter De-Odorising Crystals

Check out to order Deodorizing crystals right away!

Types Of Litter Boxes

You have a variety of Litter boxes to choose from. There are covered boxes, uncovered boxes, self-cleaning boxes to fit in corners and much more. You can get Litter boxes in an average pet store. Even better if you choose to go digital with pet shopping- you can find greater varieties of litter boxes with online stores- the ones that can precisely fit your fur-balls’ requirements and preferences. Don’t forget to check out at once- and, let me tell you, you will not have to check out anywhere else! You will just find every single thing, you would ever need to take care of your pet, right here.

We have different varieties of cat litter boxes in these brands like Savic and Trixie. Savic is manufacturing high-quality plastic products for the pet care market. They have different types of litter boxes like Rincon corner cat tray, Gizmo cat litter tray, Savic hop in modern cat litter, Savic Nestor jumbo cat toilet, Savic Figaro retro litter tray. Trixie’s extensive product range is exported to many countries. They have different types of litter boxes like Trixie Germany Berto top litter tray, Berto litter tray, Trixie classic cat litter tray, Trixie cat litter tray mat, Trixie Vico cat litter tray with dome.

Savic Nestor Home Cat Toilet for Kitty  And   Trixie Classic Cat Litter Tray

Comes from our most preferred cat litter trays due to their quality and durability.

How To Litter Train Your Cat? - Types Of Litter Boxes

Litter Box Size :

It is quite important that you choose the right litter box for your cat, especially in terms of size. Your cat would be using the litter box multiple times a day and if it is not comfortable or if the litter box fails to offer sufficient space, the cat might hesitate using it. Moreover, in case of little kitties, their growth needs to be taken into consideration. If you choose to go for small sized litter trays or cat litter boxes for growing kittens, you might end up buying another (bigger) cat litter box soon, as they grow up. Most importantly, changing the litter box now and then may puzzle cats or make them uncomfortable. Having the same litter Box consistently over a period of time might give that ‘personal possession’ feelings to your cats- we all know that ‘it is mine’ feeling!

Refer to this chart for understanding litter training better.

Timing :

For starting the litter training, it is advised to place the cats during the time when they are naturally supposed to discharge themselves. The normal or, say, the natural timing for cats to discharge are, the time before their sleeping time, in the morning- just after they wake up, after day naps, after playing or having meals.

How To Litter Train Your Cat? - Litter Box Size

How Many Litter Boxes Should You Have?

Again, just like in case of us human beings, cats are pretty much territorial- in fact, more territorial than humans. They may hesitate using a litter box or may stop using it altogether. Some of the common reasons that cats hesitate or stop using litter box are:

The litter box is being used by some other cats.

If the litter box isn’t of the right size- cats won’t be comfortable with small sized litter boxes.

It is thus recommended to keep at least two litter boxes for your kitty. The number of litter boxes you need to have can vary, depending on how many cats you have. In case you have more than one cat, it is recommended that you keep one litter box for each cat. The number of litter boxes you need also depends on the habits of your cat- some cats have a habit of defecating in one litter box and using a separate litter box for urinating. Also, in case you have multiple floors and your cat have easy access to each floor, you should consider placing a litter box on each floor.

Where Should You Keep The Litter Boxes?

The ideal location of the litter box is the one that is comfortable for the cats. Confused as to where your cat might be comfortable? Most cats prefer discharging in privacy. So the location you choose for litter box must be such where their privacy won’t be interrupted, where they would feel safe, where they won’t be disturbed. Moreover, once the cat litter training period is over and your cat starts using the litter box, you don’t need hover over- just leave her with her territory!

Where Should You Keep The Litter Boxes?

Tips For Litter Training :

Fundamentally, be patient. Just like you might need some time to catch up with some habit perfectly, cats too need some time to become wholly comfortable and perfect in using the litter boxes. Just be patient while they make themselves comfortable with using litter boxes.

Don’t yell. Seriously, how would you feel if someone is yelling at you as a kid? Messed up? Yeah, that is exactly how your kitten would feel as well if you yell out of nowhere. Accidents or slips may occur in the duration of their learning and adjusting. In this period, if you yell or shout, you will end up confusing your kitty since she might not be able to figure out the reasons. This may also develop hesitation in cats in relation to using litter boxes.

Another thing you can relate to. Every pet loves being appreciated. In fact, in eventually getting them into some habit, expressly appreciating them can play an important role. Pat them or give them treats while they get into the right habit.

Cats relatively are cleanliness-loving animals. So it would be important that you keep the litter box clean as well as that you keep the litter box in a clean surrounding.

Cleaning The Litter Box

Cleaning The Litter Box :

Litter box needs to be cleaned once in a week and the faeces need to be removed on a daily basis- for obvious health considerations (of your fur baby as well as of your family). Before proceeding to the right manner of cleaning the litter box, it must be first noted that cat faeces and urine can actually be quite harmful to the health of the person who is cleaning. So before you start the cleaning, wear appropriate cleaning gloves and masks. Now, heading to the litter box cleaning process, here is how it goes.

  • First, you need to scoop the urine clumps and faeces every day- it can sound gross, but well, you need to do it- everything including pets come with a responsibility!
  • As for the weekly litter box cleaning, you first need to throw off the old litter. Use your scooper to scratch off the dried litter. Scrub the litter box Sweep the floor for any litter dust and push it all into a garbage bag (definitely not your kitchen garbage).
  • Once you are done the dusting and clearing the place, wash and scrub-wash the litter box, with a soap, preferably outside- definitely not the kitchen sink. Do not, again, do not forget the gloves! Let the tray dry- outside. You can take it back to the tray location once dry and fill it with fresh litter.

People often wonder whether it is safe to clean litter box when pregnant. As discussed earlier, the litter box content can have adverse effects on the health. Cat faeces in particular consists of a dangerous parasite called toxoplasmosis. So,it is exactly due to this particular reason that women cleaning the litter box when pregnant is advised to be avoided. However, if the cleaning is necessary, it is recommended to wear hygienic gloves and masks to prevent any harmful impacts.


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