A Simple Guide To Feed Your Cat!

How much should I feed my cat? This is a dilemma for all the cat owners. So do not worry, all your queries correlated to cat feeding guidelines are being solved here. Cats are special and their feeding guide has to be different. A suitable balanced diet comprising with all the prime nutrition and ingredients is essential for the health and growth of everyone including cats.

Here in this article let us discuss the complete feeding schedule for your kitty from the stage of the kitten to adult. There is a complete elaboration on the feeding guidelines which includes schedule, food brands, types of food, suggested food and harmful food for your cat with requisite instructions. Even if you are stuck into any queries and confusion feel free to –

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At the outset let us know cats in brief. Cats are true carnivores. Now here you might be thinking what exactly it means? A true carnivore is the one that requires meat in its diet. It really doesn’t mean they cannot eat any other food but the focus is on meat. Also, another trait of cats must be known as they are a desert animal which helps them to preserve water for a long time.

A Simple Guide To Feed Your Cat!

What Food Should Be Given To The Home Coming Kitty :

When you bring a kitty home the thing to be kept in mind is food should not be changed all of a sudden. Try to follow the same food which the kitty was eating before. And by passing of the first week the old food can be changed with the new one by mixing it reasonably. A few days or weeks old kitten has a very delicate stomach and hence the variation in food is likely to upset their digestive system and affect the health of the kitty.

Cat Feeding Schedule :

A Simple Guide To Feed Your Cat!

Suggested Food Brands For Your Cats :

Here suggesting some food for your kitten/cat

If you are having a Persian cat then you can feed :

Royal Canin Persian Kitten Food 2kg

For other cats, you can feed :

Royal Canin Kitten 36, 4Kg

Buy Royal Canin Cat Food 

Feeding Portions :

As discussed above the guide for your cat, the next query that jumps out is the feeding portions. The answer to this the feeding portions depends on the metabolism and nutritional requirement of your cat and it varies from cats to cats.

For example, outdoor cats need more calorie intake and energy when compared to the indoor cats. Make sure to check the weight of the cats in every two months and feed accordingly. Do not go with your own instincts but follow the health and routine of cats and feed accordingly.

What Kind Of Food Should Be Given To Cats :

1. BUY DRY FOOD FOR CAT – This is well thought-out as a good choice for your cats. Whereas, due to lack of water content, the required moisture is not fulfilled in dry food. As cats have the capability to conserve water for a long time which reduces the thirst drive. Hence, we suggest you add some water in the food and make little wet to avoid lack of water content.

2. BUY WET OR CANNED FOOD FOR CAT – This can be said as the specially formulated formula for the cats and contains essential nutrition for the cats and sufficient water content as well. But if these types of food are not fed at the correct proportions may likely to make your cat fat and obese. One must know the fact that it is difficult for cats to lose weight.

Food That Should Be Avoided :

There are certain foods which should not be fed to your cat as it is possible to cause harmful effect on the health of the same. Make a checklist of the following mentioned foods – Tuna, milk, onions, garlic, alcohol, grapes, raisins, caffeine, raw eggs, chocolate, gums, raw meat and fish, dog food and other dairy products.

Unlikely if your cat eats or swallows any of this food then make sure to consult a vet.

Food You Can Share :

Cooked (Meat, eggs, fish), cucumber, whole grains, and cheese are some of the food you can share with your cats but must make sure it is in the suitable quantity. As the phrase “Excess of everything is bad” follows here as well.

Cats are likely to suffer from, weight gain obesity, arthritis, intestinal problems, urinary tracts etc. What food you are giving to your cat is important but how much quantity you are giving is also important. Some owners feed two-three times to their cats and it is not to be opposed until and unless the cat is getting proper nutrition and balanced diet.

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