How To Puppy Proof The House

Its the sole responsibility of the owner to puppy proof the house before bringing the puppy home. We will tell you how!!!

Puppy Proof The Kitchen…

The kitchen is usually tacked with drawers, chords, and cabinets. Not to forget it also has lots of delicious foods and gives off a wonderful aroma.

Childproof locks

Make sure that you childproof the cabinets so that your puppy doesn’t dig into the drawer and eat away all your food supplies. Puppies are curious investigators. By childproofing the cabinets the puppy will be kept away from foods that are toxic for it!

The power chords can be mistaken for chew toys by the pup. Therefore, tuck away the cords or you can chew-proof the chords by enclosing them in PVC tubes.

How To Puppy Proof The House

In The Bathroom…

A bathroom can also be extremely dangerous for puppies. It has razors, soaps, shampoos, and other hazardous stuff. If the puppy ingests any of these, it can be life-threatening. All the toiletries must be locked up in a cabinet which is high enough, away from the reach of the dog.

Puppies have a habit of drinking water from the commode pots. So, strictly avoid putting automatic toilet cleaners in the tank/cistern of commodes. If you must use the automatic toilet cleaners then please keep the bathroom door closed always.

The dustbin in your bathroom also needs your attention. Make sure that there is a locking lid for your trash can. Otherwise, your tiny pup can fall into the dust bin and drown in the filth.

How To Puppy Proof The House

In The Bedroom…

Your pooch will get attracted to the things which smell like you. Be it your clothes, the bed-sheets or your slippers. You must enclose these items in the wardrobe, or else they will become your dog’s new chew toys.

Dogs like to shelter under the bed or furniture. Therefore, arrange for some blockades to refrain the pet form hiding in places it is not supposed to.

Items like jewelry, coins, hair accessories, and other tiny ingestible articles must be locked away in containers.

In the Living Areas…

A living room is a place where you will have all kinds of cozy cushions, expensive electronic gadgets like iPods, TV, etc. Find a way of keeping these items out of the reach of your teething puppy. Make sure you tuck away the dangling cords.

In The Office…

If your new pet has access to your workplace, then you must increase the level of puppy-proofing thrice than what you would do at home. The workplace will have a collection of paperclips, cords, wires, papers, staples, and the list goes on and on…. If the dog swallows any of these items, it can be life-threatening for it.

How To Puppy Proof The House



If you have a lot of plants at the workplace, then remember to keep them away on a high shelf or counter.

In The Garage And Yard…

A garage or yard mostly has paints, cleaners, pesticides, fertilizers, and other poisonous chemicals and reserves. These, if ingested by the dog, can cause massive trouble to the dog.

Such chemicals must be locked in containers to keep the pooches away from them.

Its the sole responsibility of the pet owner to puppy proof the house and give the pet a safe start

How To Puppy Proof The House

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