Guide to cat diet- reviewing the top cat food brands

Cats can be great and no-fuss companions. But, it is common for new cat parents to be worried about cat diet, as a good diet is crucial to ensure the right nutritional supply as well as the health of the cat.

Cat food is a good way to ensure an adequate supply of nutrients for cats. You can as well feed cats with some home-made food. Note the ‘some’ there; you cannot feed your cat with any table scraps. Some home foods for cats and cheapest cat food are cooked meat, cooked eggs, cooked fish, cucumber, whole grains etc. You must keep in mind that feeding your cat only with home-made food would prevent them from getting sufficient nutrients as required by their body.

Well, with the range of products and the number of cat food brands available out on the market as cheap cat food online, it is pretty clear why and how cat parents can get really confused about which brand to trust upon. After all, not every brand offers what they claim they do. Through this article, we intend to sort that confusion and help cat lovers by reviewing some of the best cat food brands in India.

Types of cat food

Mainly, there are two types of cat food available in the market 

Dry cat food :

Dry cat food, as the name would suggest, have very low water content. These are considered somewhat easier to feed as well as economical in comparison to wet cat food. Another factor adding to the points of dry cat food is the store-life; you can store dry food for a long time without having to worry about it going bad. Arden Grange, Whiskas, etc. offer some of the best dry cat foods.

Guide to cat diet- reviewing the top cat food brands dry food

Wet cat food :

Wet cat food has a water content of up to 30%. They ensure sufficient hydration and good digestion in your cats. These have high nutritional values for felines, which makes wet cat food somewhat pricey than others. Semi-moist cat food has water content- but much lower. Some of the popular wet cat food brands are:

Guide to cat diet- reviewing the top cat food brands wet food

Royal Canin wet cat food :

Royal Canin cat food is, of course, one of the best producers of wet cat food. Some of its best wet food products include Royal Canin Instinctive jelly-Gelatina-Gele, Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition, Royal Canin Instinctive Loaf-Mouse-Pate, Royal Canin Digest Sensitive Wet Pouches Cat Food, Royal Canin Ageing Cat Wet pouches, Royal Canin Persian Adult Wet pouches, Royal Canin Kitten IN JELLY wet pouches, etc. This is one of the best cat food brands in India.

Royal Canin wet cat food

Applaws wet cat food :

Applaws offers canned cat food products of different flavours. Some of the most preferred products include Applaws Natural Cat Food Chicken Breast, Applaws Natural Cat Food Tuna with Prawn, etc.

There is also wet food Whiskas and Me-O if you’d like to go with budget-friendly wet cat food options. You can feed your cat by taking the products into consideration which depends on its age or breed. For simple ways to feeding  your cat, please refer to the below blog.

Applaws wet cat food

Best cat food :

There are some factors that make some brands reliable. You can check a brand based on the ingredients they use in their products, their reputation and reviews of other cat food buyers. It is this very criterion that we have used to select the brands we have recommended here. Additionally, you can confirm with your vet in case your cat is intolerant or allergic to specific products or ingredients. So, for those who are looking to have a quick idea of top cat food manufacturers, which are available as online cat food and also as cat food india here are some of the best cat food brands you can totally rely upon.

Guide to cat diet- reviewing the top cat food brands

Acana Pacifica Cat Food :

Acana cat food is known for nourishing cats by offering content that they are supposed to eat naturally, as carnivores. The product is rich in meat and fish content- especially fish content. The product boasts of having quality natural content without any kind of addictive substances. Additionally, it contains supplements like Vitamin E, K, Zinc Chelate, Copper Chelate.

Acana Pacifica Cat Food

Arden Grange- premium cat food :

Arden Grange is certainly one of the most reliable premium cat food manufacturers. The brand is about 2 decades old and is widely counted upon for high quality, hypoallergenic pet food, manufactured precisely to match all nutritional and health requirement of pets. Moreover, cat food from Arden Grange is available in a range of ‘Kitten’ and ‘Adult’ to match the requirements of cats of various ages. Further, there is a choice available between salmon products and chicken products.

Some of the popular products from Arden Grange are:

Arden Grange Adult Cat Salmon :

Arden Grange Adult Cat Salmon contains lots of fresh salmon which is a delicious and highly digestible source of protein, and naturally high in essential Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. This is a complete food for all breeds of adult cat with a normal activity level.

Arden Grange- premium cat food

They are available in two types of packages:

  1. Arden Grange Adult Cat Salmon-2 kg  and
  2. Arden Grange Adult Cat Salmon-4 kg

Arden Grange Kitten :

This is a uniquely designed kitten food providing all the essential vitamins and minerals for boosting vitality and health in kittens of all breeds. It also offers calcium for strengthening bones and teeth and to maintain good oral hygiene.

Arden Grange Kitten

Arden Grange Adult Cat Chicken :

Complete food for all breeds of adult cat with a normal activity level. Generous helpings of fresh chicken provide a highly digestible source of protein and a delicious meal for even the fussiest eater.

Arden Grange Adult Cat Chicken

N&D Farmina cat food range- wide range of flavours and food alternatives :

From chicken & rice to fish-based food products for kittens, there is a good lot of cat food varieties available in Farmina’s product range. This variety of flavours and ingredients from the manufacturer help cat owners try different suitable flavours for the cats that are hard to feed.

Some good N&D products for Kitten:

N&D Farmina Matisse Kitten Food :

Matisse line is a complete range of high-quality food suitable for any kind and breed of cats. This is suitable for kittens from 1-12 months of age. It is specially designed to meet the nutritional needs of your growing kitten. It contains natural ingredients such as chicken, eggs, beetroot pulp, fish, etc.

N&D Farmina Matisse Kitten Food

N&D Chicken And Pomegranate For Kitten :

Farmina N&D Prime Chicken and Pomegranate for Kittens offers complete nutrition for kittens, gestating or lactating cats. Made in Italy, all Farmina formulas are GMO and cruelty-free. The limited carbohydrate formula uses simple, low protein, and whole food ingredients.

N&D Chicken And Pomegranate For Kitten

Other top N&D products:

N&D Farmina Matisse Chicken & Rice :

Natural & delicious Matisse chicken & rice is a complete food for adult cats with normal physical activity. It is a healthy & balanced diet cat food. It contains chicken and rice guarantee the right amount of calories & protein

N&D Farmina Matisse Chicken & Rice

N&D Farmina Matisse Neutered Salmon :

The diet is exclusively designed for preventing neutered felines from being overweight. The protein content of high biological value in the food maintains an ideal body mass and repairs body tissues.

N&D Farmina Matisse Chicken & Rice

N&D Lamb And Blueberry Cat Food :

Farmina N&D Prime Natural and Delicious Grain-Free Lamb & Blueberry Recipe Dry Cat Food does not contain any cereal or grains of any kind and is completely replaced with the highest quality protein. Farmina’s N&D contain 70% premium animal ingredients and 30% fruits, veggies, vitamins, and minerals. The antioxidants included in all of Farmina’s food are 100% natural and keeps the food fresh and yummy for your four-legged family member.

N&D Lamb And Blueberry Cat Food

N&D Farmina Matisse Salmon & Tuna Food

Natural & delicious Matisse salmon & tuna adult cat food has been specially designed to meet the nutritional needs of your adult cat. It contains natural ingredients such as salmon & tuna, beetroot, vegetable oil, etc. It gives a balanced diet to your cat with every meal. It having omega 3 fats in the food give your cat a healthy skin & fur while the proteins give stronger bones and immune system.

N&D Farmina Matisse Salmon & Tuna Food

Orijen Cat & Kitten :

One of the premium dry cat foods available now is from Orijen. Made of quality ingredients and sufficient protein, the product is ideal for cats of all age. Due to its level of calories, it would be more suitable in your case if you have been trying getting your kitty a bit more healthy. It might not be the best choice for obese cats.

Orijen Cat & Kitten

Whiskas– The best cheap dry and wet cat food :

When you need to stay in budget and still ensure adequate nutrient supply for your fur-babies, Whiskas cat food is your thing.

Whiskas Cat Food

Royal Canin- the healthy blend for a beautiful and healthy cat :

Royal Canin produces premium quality dry cat food as well as canned cat food. The manufacturer has a specific focus on supplying adequate calories and maintaining the right cat weight. Royal Canin cat foods contain the adequate amount of fibre, fish oil, dehydrated pork proteins, egg powder, animal fats etc. to ensure an all-inclusive meal for your fur ball. Additionally, it contains all the necessary vitamins to make sure your four-legged pal has a smooth, beautiful coat.

Royal Canin Cat Food

Listed are some of the top dry cat food from Royal Canin:

Royal Canin Cat food for Persian cats

Royal Canin Persian Adult :

Royal Canin Persian Adult is made of highly digestible protein and probiotics to heighten the balance of intestinal flora and maintain a healthy digestive and urinary system. This almond-shaped kibble is specially shaped to make them easy for your Persian cat to pick up and chew.

Royal Canin Persian Adult Food

They are available in three types of packages :

  • Royal Canin Persian Adult, 0.4Kg (pack of 3)
  • Royal Canin Persian Adult 2 Kg
  • Royal Canin Persian Adult 4 Kg

Royal Canin Persian kitten :

This is a comprehensive diet for the healthy growth of Persian kittens up to the age of 12 months. Besides complete nutrition, the food also seeks to strengthen the natural defenses of the cat.

Royal Canin Persian kitten

They are available in two types of packages:

  • Royal Canin Persian kitten, 0.4Kg
  • Royal Canin Persian kitten, 2Kg

Royal Canin Cat food for specific use and cat health:

Royal Canin Hair and Skin Dry Cat Food :

Royal Canin Hair & Skin Dry Cat Food is designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of cats with sensitive skin. Specially designed for cats from 1 to 10 years old. Fish oils are rich in omega-3 and help to reinforce the coat’s healthy sheen.

Royal Canin Hair and Skin Dry Cat Food

Royal Canin Fit :

Royal Canin Fir is a highly nutritious Cat food which optimally satisfies the energy and nutritional needs of your moderately active adult cat (1 to 10 years old).

They are available in five types of packages:

Royal Canin Fit

  1. Royal Canin Fit 32, 0.4Kg (pack of 5)
  2. Royal Canin Fit 32, 2kg
  3. Royal Canin Fit 32, 4kg
  4. Royal Canin Fit 32, 10Kg
  5. Royal Canin Fit 32, 15Kg

Royal Canin Sterilised :

Royal Canin Sterilised cat food is complete and balanced cat food for sterilized adult cats (from 1 to 7 years) having a tendency to gain weight. After neutering, the energy requirement of a feline decrease. The decline in the demand for energy may lead to excess weight gain. To reduce the risk of weight gain, the amount of fats in the wholesome diet has been reduced.

Royal Canin Sterilised


They are available in two types of packages:

1.Royal Canin Sterilised 7+ Cat Food, 1.5Kg

2.Royal Canin Sterilised 37 Cat Food, 2Kg

Royal Canin Adult cat ( Royal Canin Cat Dry Urinary 1.5 Kg ) :

Royal Canin Adult cat food is made of meat and animal derivatives, fish, vegetable protein extracts, minerals, sugars, and vegetable derivatives. This wholesome combination makes it an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and proteins.

Royal Canin Adult cat food

Royal Canin Kitten :

Royal Canin Kitten includes a unique combination of highly digestible proteins, fibers, and prebiotics to help aid your older kitten’s developing digestive system. It supports your kitten’s immune system development with a special blend of antioxidants and vitamins. You can purchase the Royal Canin kitten food online India.

Royal canin kitten food

They are available in Six types of packages:

  1. Royal Canin Kitten 0.4 kg
  2. Royal Canin Kitten 36, 2Kg

     3.Royal Canin Kitten 36, 4Kg

  1. Royal Canin Kitten Instinctive Gravy-Salsa-Sas, 1.02Kg
  2. Royal Canin Kitten IN JELLY wet pouches 1.2kg (12 packets )
  3. Royal Canin Kitten Instinctive Loaf- Mousse-Pate 1.2kg (12 packets )

Royal Canin Mother & Baby Cat :

This is a wet cat food formulated for the specific needs of growing baby kittens from 1-4 months and pregnant or nursing cats. It supports your kitten’s immune system with an exclusive mix of antioxidants and vitamins needed to stay healthy and grow strong.

Royal Canin Mother & Baby Cat

They are available in two types of packages:

1.Royal Canin Mother & Baby Cat 400 Gms

2.Royal Canin Mother & Baby Cat 2 Kg

Me-O Cat food– the budget cat food :

Like Whiskas, Me-O is yet another brand which makes good quality cat food available at a budget-friendly price. Its cheap cat food range allows even tight-budget cat owners to provide their kitties with healthy cat food. Moreover, Me-O offers a wide range of cat food products; so, budget-friendly and with a lot of variety. You can also purchase the meo persian cat food online.

Here are some of the best products from Me O:

Meo Cat food

Me-O Cat food for Persian cats :

  • Me-o Persian Kitten Food :

It is highly digestible kitten food which contains proteins from Milk and Fish. It nourishes cat’s skin and hair and is complete and balanced nutrition for cats.

Me-o Persian Kitten Food

Me-o Persian Cat Food :

Me-O Cat Food is optimally balanced and nutritionally complete cat food, which has high palatability and digestibility.

Me-o Persian Cat Food

They are available in two types of packages:

  1. Me-o Persian Cat Food, 1.1 Kg
  2. Me-o Persian Cat Food, 7 Kg

Me-O cat food for specific use and flavours:

  • Me-o Adult Chicken & Veg Cat food :

It is highly digestible cat food and is made from Chicken and Vegetable. It nourishes the cat’s skin and hair and is complete and balanced nutrition for cats.

Me-o Adult Chicken & Veg Cat food

They are available in two types of packages:

  1. Me-o Adult Chicken & Veg Cat Food, 1.2 Kg
  2. Me-o Chicken & Veg, 7Kg

Me-o Kitten Food Ocean Fish :

MeO Kitten Food Ocean Fish Cat Food 1.2 Kg is a nutritionally rewarding and easily digestible kitten food having all the essential constituents for maintaining overall health and wellbeing in kittens of all breeds. The balanced meal contains a high amount of growth influencing protein, seeded from milk and ocean fish. Bones and teeth of the kitten are strengthened with a balanced proportion of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D. Vitamin C is a natural anti-oxidant for improving the health of the immune system and for lowering environmental stress.

Me-o Kitten Food Ocean Fish

Me-o Seafood Cat Food :

It is a highly digestible food made from Tuna. It nourishes the cat’s skin and hair and is complete and balanced nutrition for cats.

Me-o Kitten Food Ocean Fish

They are available in four types of packages:

  1. Me-o Seafood Cat Food, 1.2 Kg
  2. Me-o Seafood Cat Food, 3Kg
  3. Me-o Seafood Cat Food, 7kg
  4. Me-o Adult Cat Food Sea Food 20 Kg

Meo Cat Food Tuna :

Me-O Cat food is nutritionally balanced and complete cat food. It is highly digestible and made from Tuna fish which improves cat’s eyesight and boosts cat’s immune system.

Me-o Kitten Food Ocean Fish

They are available in Five types of packages.

  1. Me-o Tuna Cat Food 80gms ( Pack of 12 Each )
  2. Me-o Tuna Cat Food, 1.2 Kgs
  3. Meo Cat Food Tuna, 3 Kg
  4. Me-o Cat Food Tuna, 7Kg
  5. Me-o Adult Cat Food Tuna 20Kg

Beaphar Lactol Kitten Milk–  ideal kitten food for weaning kitties :

If you have adopted a weaning kitten, you might be concerned about them with normal milk or cat food. For kittens, it might be hard to digest and can cause an upset stomach. Beaphar Lactol Kitten milk is an answer to this situation. Easy to digest and containing nutrients similar to the milk of a mother cat, this product can ensure a balanced nutritional supply for your kitty to grow through the first few months.

Beaphar Lactol Kitten Milk

Things to look for when choosing cat food :

Looking for these factors will make sure you are getting the right and healthy cat food for your fur-baby.


Ensure high-quality ingredients for proper nutrition and health of your cat. Some of the important content you must look for are various vitamins and minerals, mackerel, eggs, ocean fish,  sardines, whole grain cereals, soya refined oil and taurine etc. Also, watch out for any content that your cat is allergic to.


Choose the right flavour and your cat won’t make a fuss with feeding. The food with a flavour of ocean fish or meat would usually attract a cat and make feeding them easier.

Suitability based on age or breed:

Several of the cat food brands we discussed above manufacture food that can be suitable for cats of a specific age, breed etc.

Some frequently asked questions related to cat diet :

Here are some of the most common doubts that cat parents have about cat feeding and diet.

  1. Can cats eat tuna?

There generally shouldn’t be an issue in feeding cats with tuna sometimes- in moderation. However, feeding tuna regularly to cats can be quite harmful to cats, despite that they easily love it. It can cause several issues like mercury poisoning, malnutrition and other health issues in your cat.

  1. Can cats eat cheese?

As with tuna, some small amount of cheese infrequently wouldn’t hurt your kitty. But, you should not feel cats with dairy products regularly. In most cases, cats are somewhat lactose intolerant. Feeding cheese or such dairy products on a regular basis can cause digestion issues and stomach upset among other issues.

  1. Can cats eat eggs or fish?

You can feed your cats with cooked eggs or fish now and then. They can be a pretty good source of protein and other essential nutrients. However, we’d suggest you not to feed raw fish, raw eggs or raw meat to cats.

  1. Can cats eat bread or peanut butter?

You can offer bread as well as peanut butter to your cats in moderation. Peanut should usually be avoided but can be used as a snack or a means to give them some medication. There is, however, no nutritional good in bread or peanut butter for cats. As for bread, make sure you don’t stuff your cat with raw dough.

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