6 Things to Keep In Mind Before Getting a Puppy

A dog is a man’s best friend. No one else is as happy as your tail-wagger when you are home from work. Your pooch is the last one to find any flaws in you. The advantages of getting a puppy home are infinite. But before bringing a dog home, there are many aspects which must be noted. Bringing a puppy home in a hurry will cost the puppy its life. Research a little, before bringing a dog home. Don’t let your laziness be your dog’s death sentence.

It’s a costly affair

There are many people who feel that the expenses of a tail-wagger are nothing else than the cost of adoption and dog food. There is a huge    list of expenses which will follow, soon after a puppy is a home. The dog food itself will cost something between Rs.500 to Rs.3000 per month. The routine    veterinarian check-ups will cost you a minimum of Rs.2000 per year. Are you forgetting about grooming charges? Trimming the dog’s fur, cleaning its ears, cutting    nails, and much much more, will cost you about 5000 per year. Initially, when the dog is 1 year old, it has to be given vitamins for almost 12 months. Thes  e    vitamins will charge you about Rs.100 per month. And the list goes on and on, dog treats, toys, surgical visits for spaying and neutering, etc. Be prepared!

 Time to Puppy-proof your home

A puppy is similar to a toddler. The precautions that you take for a baby, before bringing it home, have to be repeated before getting a puppy home. About indoor hazards, there is a list of plants which can be fatal for dogs. Plants like tulips, oleander, castor bean, azalea, chrysanthemum, and the list goes on. Please Google; make a note of these toxic plants for your dogs. Water sources without lids can be a drowning hazard. If you use automatic toilet bowl cleaners then make sure that the puppy doesn’t drink water from the commode. Or better, avoid using automatic toilet cleaners till the time your puppy is trained to drink only from its water bowl. Keep all electrical wires out of the dog’s reach. They have a habit of chewing onto wires, which can cause big trouble in the form of mouth burns or electrical shock.

It’s a lifetime commitment

Don’t be impulsive when it comes to taking a decision about a dog! On average, the lifespan of a dog is 12 to 14 years. Ask yourself if you are ready to commit your life to a dog for the next 14 years. Mind you, don’t think of giving off the dog if you feel you can’t handle it. It might be ok for you to give off the dog, but for the dog, after attachment, it will be terribly depressing and maddening to cope without you. I repeat it is a ‘LIFETIME’ commitment! Are you ready for it?

Training Is Not Easy

Puppies are just like babies, they need a lot more training and observation. Puppies are hard to train and it takes a lot of patience and time to train puppies. Talking about training, you should also be aware that you must exercise your tail-wagger on a daily basis. Other you will not only make your dog lethargic but also fat.

Grooming is a Must

From cleaning the dog’s ear wax to picking up the poop; you have a lot to do. If you choose to go for an extremely furry dog, then you must trim its hair in regular intervals. You must bathe the dog once a week. Check for fleas and ticks and use shampoos and medicines accordingly.

Research about the Breed

The breed you are imagining about may not match your lifestyle. If you live in a hotter region and are planning to bring in a Husky, then please drop the thought immediately. While thinking about a breed you must also understand if that particular breed can cope with the temperature of the city you are living in, your lifestyle and will anyone be there to cater to the dog all day long? According to experts, a dog should not be left alone for more than 4 hours. Understand the breeds personality prior to getting it home will save you a lot of trouble in the future.

Don’t get a dog only because you are desperate for a furry-ball and its love. Be wise and adapt wisely

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