Constipation In Dogs And Its Natural Cure

So you thought constipation is just related to humans? It’s time to get your facts right, people!! Dogs experience a similar kind of comfort and pain when they constipate, as humans do. This article is all about the various natural remedies that a dog can have to get rid of constipation.

Constipation in dogs can be due to a lack of fiber in the dog’s food. Also, have you started feeding your dog any human food? Then that can be the reason for resulting constipation.

How do you know if your dog is constipated?

It is important to keep a check on your dog’s elimination habits as the quality of the poop tells you a lot about the dog’s health issues.

When you are observing the poop check its quantity, color, texture, smell and if there is any presence of mucus or blood.

Is your dog just not passing stool at all? Or your dog is passing small amounts of dried up stool? In both cases, your dog is constipated. Most dogs with the problem will look like they’re trying to go – need to go – but don’t go. If this problem lasts for more than more than 1 and a half day, you must see the veterinarian as soon as possible.

Select ONLY ONE remedy

Home Remedies:

  1. Ginger and Chicken or Beef Broth– 

Mix ¼ teaspoon ginger with ½ cup of chicken (or beef) broth and offering it to your pup is another home cure. Ginger is known to aid in digestive health, assist in a more effective bowel movement and reduce muscle spasms that can worsen this condition.

  1. Olive or Vegetable Oil–

Mineral oil can be an effective short-term treatment but should be used cautiously because, over time, it can deplete Vitamin A. Do not use it for more than one week. Use one teaspoon of mineral oil per ten pounds of your dog’s body weight.

  1. Milk–

The lactose in milk is difficult for dogs to digest; it pulls fluid into the bowel and stimulates intestinal motility. Typically, milk causes diarrhea in adult dogs.

  1. Exercise and fresh water–

Make sure your dog has plenty of fresh, clean water to drink as moisture is necessary to counter constipation. Combined with regular exercise, this will get the digestive system moving and move the stool through the colon.

  1. Adding digestive enzymes and probiotics to your dog’s diet–

This can be preventative for diarrhea as well as constipation, as they help with maldigestion. Though there are several ways to administer this, the easiest I have found is to sprinkle powdered Acidophilus on your dog’s food on a regular basis.

  1. Adding more fiber to your dog’s diet–

A good amount of fiber in the diet of the dog will provide roughage to the diet of the canine. This helps in avoiding or reducing constipation up to a very great extent.

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