Review of the Super Feed Cat Feeder: My Experience

Super Feed Cat automatic cat feeders are especially important when you can’t be home with your furry friend every time they need to eat! Cat owners especially know that they have to feed their kitty a lot, so why not make life easier and connect your phone to set the food to come out when they need it. It’s one of the many great features you can find in the latest automatic cat feeders on the market.

This Super Feed cat feeder holds up to 4 and ¾ cups of food, and you can even increase its capacity later. Food will come out in as small as 1/8 cup, so you can feed as many times a day as you want, however much you want. Easy instructions are included to help you put it together without a hassle. Whenever your kitty needs to eat, this versatile timer is perfect.

super feeder for cats

CSF-Super Feeder Features

– Feed up to 48 times a day! (not that your cat would be that hungry though)
– Fasten the feeder to the wall or cat play stand
– Easy timer for daily meals
– Program feeding from your phone
– Supplies different amounts of kibble depending on your needs
– Tough protective chute to keep your cat out
– Easy to take apart and only needs minor assembly
– Dishwasher safe bowl
– Compact; you’ll have room for it anywhere


Pros of Super Feed

– Even determined cats can’t break into it
– Eliminates fighting over food and begging in the morning
– It’s fairly easy to figure out the timer and how to put it together
– Great for helping your cats through weight loss; distributes smaller amounts of food
– Perfect for owners who are away for long amounts of time


– It is a little bit expensive
– You need to be careful to separate food manually if your cats can’t share a bowl, or buy a second feeder
– Food doesn’t come out right if the kernels aren’t circular
– There have been some issues getting the right amount of food to come out
– People would prefer to use batteries rather than having it plug into an outlet

Best Suited For?

Super Feed automatic cat feeder is absolutely perfect for people with one cat or multiple cats fighting over their food. Lots of cat owners find that they’re better able to control their cat’s eating habits with a feeder like this, and can easily divide what comes out of the chute to prevent any sort of fighting. This Super Feed feeder is especially great if you’re out working a lot and can’t be home to feed your cats all the time, or if your cats are begging you at all hours of the day. Keep it in a small corner of the house without worrying about your little escape artists getting into their food before it’s time.

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