Low Maintenance Dog Breeds

It is important to understand the grooming and maintenance requirements of a dog before bringing it home. If you feel you cannot spend enough time with your pet but are still eager to bring one home, then don’t worry. Read on the compilation of the top 4 low maintenance dogs.

Boston Terrier :

Known for being well muscled with a short muzzle and square appearance. They are gentle, intelligent and well-mannered. Boston terrier’s are not difficult to train and pick up things quickly. But beware and keep a check that Boston Terriers do not develop Small Dog Syndrome, where the dog feels that he is the leader of the pack. This breed needs a leader who can firmly and confidently guide the dog. According to some owners, these dogs have proved to be clever watchdogs and bark only when it is necessary.

Low Maintenance Dog Breeds - Boston Terrier

Shiba Inu : 

The Shiba is a small dog with deep-set eyes and a thick undercoat. This hunting dog is bold and courageous. If you have pets like rabbits, rodents or small birds, then you CANNOT leave Shiba alone with them. They not only bond closely with humans, but also don’t bark much. They adapt well to traveling and groom themselves, which means you do not have to spend extra time looking after these breeds grooming sessions.

Low Maintenance Dog Breeds - Shiba Inu

Bullmastiff :

It is a broad skull and wrinkled dog. It has dark hazel eyes and a very powerful build. It has a good-natured and even temperament. These dogs crave human leadership and are tolerant towards children. If they encounter an intruder, this breed can knock him down and hold him. This powerful breed needs a firm master. This dog keeps drooling a lot, which means you have to clean the slob every now and then. Otherwise, it does not need any maintenance.

Low Maintenance Dog Breeds - Bullmastiff

Pug :

They are the most lovable dogs on the planet!! Grooming this breed is very minimal and easy. They have very short hair and brushing it is very easy and doesn’t require any special efforts. They get along well with babies and other pets like cats.

Low Maintenance Dog Breeds - Pug

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