Treat your Pup the Right Way: Training & Pampering

If you are planning to bring home a new puppy then, your lifestyle needs to be upgraded to one that is puppy-friendly. Prepare your home in a way that your furry friend feels safe and secured. Pamper them like a kid and treat them with good food and treats. Also, train your pup in the right way so that they learn quickly and easily. Here are a few tips on how you can pamper and train your puppy in the right way.


  1. Make your home puppy-friendly: The first step to pampering your puppy is to make their surroundings safe, secure and comfortable. Keep all the electrical cords, sharp objects and other easily accessible items away from your pup’s reach. Prepare your home with a puppy bed, treats and toys to make them feel comfortable and ecstatic in their new space.


  1. Give your pup a distinct name: When naming your puppy, choose a name that sounds distinct and won’t be confused with regular speech. Use the name whenever you address them or give them a command so they get used to that sound and start to identify with it. Soon they will respond when you call them.


  1. Pamper them with toys and treats: One of the best ways to pamper your furball is by providing them with toys and treats. Certain types of toys are great in their early days of development like teething toys. Reward them with treats whenever they obey a command and substitute some treats with dental care products for easy oral hygiene. Don’t overdo it though, you don’t want to surpass their caloric intake or get them begging for constant treats.


  1. Basic puppy training & socialization: Training your puppy the right way can be a challenging task but starting right from the beginning is essential to forming good habits for you and your pup. Use pee pads to help with potty training. Show them where to go by giving gentle commands and rewarding them with treats whenever they respond correctly. Leash training is equally important and will help them know basic commands like sit, stand, run, stop. Socialize them by letting them meet other puppies, your friends, and relatives. Train your puppy about teething, what to chew and what not; this will make them a friendly pet.

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