5 Things Your Dog Hates

A dog, without any degree of exaggeration, is a better friend than humans around you. Humans and dogs share a great bond and also, many emotions. Dogs are decently advanced and can feel a wide variety of emotions, and can express them too, including hate. Yes. HATE!

You must be wondering what dogs hate? It is simple- very much like us humans, they have their preferences and choices. If you cross those boundaries, you are bound to make a dog uncomfortable. So here’s a list of Top 5 things your dog dislikes. Keep scrolling!

  • Hugs From Strangers

Just think about it for a second. A random stranger, who stands so much taller than you, comes to you all excited and holds you- try being playful. Suffocating thought, eh? That is pretty much how the dog sees it like. For any dog, it’s probably an act of asserting dominance over it. And instinctively, they’re programmed to attack. So think twice before you pounce over that next cute dog you see. So, Hugging is definitely not the right way to behave with a dog. You’re expressing love, but he sees it as an attempt to dominate him- certainly not something that a dog would love.

5 Things Your Dog Hates - Hugs From Strangers

  • Left At Home, Alone

One of the things that dogs love is having a Company, Even more, when it’s someone they trust and love. While you are away, leaving your dog alone at home, they get lonely. What they also get is worried because you have been away for some time. They don’t always realize it is normal. Dogs also love to be active. Except for some breeds, they love running around and are playful. They cannot do that alone. So, being alone at home- dogs hate it.

Also, many dog owners get careless at times. They lock them up in a room, away from open spaces, food, and water. Sometimes even in the heat. All this is very unhealthy and dangerous for a dog’s physical and mental health. What many people don’t realize is that dogs, like a child, are a big responsibility.

5 Things Your Dog Hates - Left At Home, Alone

  • Petting A Dog On Its Head

It’s not as cute and loving to them as you would think it is- not the right way to pet a dog. Having someone over their head is a dangerous position for them and it is among the things that dogs hate. Mostly, dogs like to dominate, not be dominated. This makes them feel somewhat unsafe unless it’s someone they trust.

5 Things Your Dog Hates - Petting A Dog On Its Head-

  • The Baths

They even have memes on this one. Dogs hate baths. Not that it is a bad thing to do- but baths should only be given as and when needed.  It’s an uncomfortable situation for your dog. Although most dogs hate bathing, if your dog is extremely fearful and uncomfortable with water, you need to take extra care of it. Also, make sure to use the right shampoo, which is not harsh on the eyes, because they too can feel the burn. You can use treats to make them feel motivated for baths. Rewarding can make things easier for these little guys.

5 Things Your Dog Hates - The Baths

  • Making Intense Eye Contact

Dogs communicate with their eyes most of the time. Gosh! Those puppy eyes!Makes us want to keep staring forever, no? But wait- making direct eye contact for a long time, to them, is an act of aggression, dominance, a kind of challenge to their predatory instincts, especially in case of big and aggressive dog breeds- another thing that dogs dislike. You want to steer clear of that side of the dog. Provoking that instinct of a dog is the last thing you want to do. Keeping prolonged eye-contact can build up their anxiety and it may attack.

5 Things Your Dog Hates - Making Intense Eye Contact

So what should you be doing around a dog stranger to you?

Let it get familiarized to you. They do it by smell. When it smells you, it’s not because it sees you as its food, as many of us were led to believe in childhood, but it makes the dog recognize you. Dogs have an incredible smell of memory and capabilities. So let him get used to being around you, be patient, and DON’T STARE INTO ITS EYES for long. Coax him to trust you. Don’t use words instead of body language. They don’t understand your language.


Apart from the Top 5 things that dogs do not like, there are a few more things that you need to be aware of to ensure a delightful life to your dog.

  • Forcing A Dog To Play With Other Dogs

Sure dogs are social. But not all are the same. Neither all breeds nor all dogs. And, not all the time. I mean, c’mon, even the most extrovert human would need their own space. Similarly, dogs may like to have their own space. They even mark their own territory. Unless it’s some other dog in your family, or unless, your dog is expressively willing, don’t force your dog to play with other dogs. It can take a very ugly turn. Let him decide what he wants to do, and things will be fine.

  • Fireworks, Vacuuming And Other Loud Noises

This shouldn’t be a surprise. They hate fireworks, crackers or any sudden, loud sounds for that matter. So be it Diwali or the 4th of July, keep your dog in a place where such explosive sounds don’t startle him. It is torture for dogs. Also, watch the kids in or around your house or neighborhood- tutor your kids how to behave with dogs too. It’s an old prank to tie fireworks to the tail of a dog- horrible. Other loud noises like vacuuming, loud sneezing, etc. can raise their anxiety levels. These are the things that dogs repel. 

  • Treating Your Dog Like A Baby

The dog is not a baby. Period. It’s a pup, and then it grows into an adult. It has needs like a baby because you’re the owner of the house and he’s dependent on you for his needs. But he is NOT a baby. So stop treating your dog like a baby all the time. Just provide him what he needs, take care of him, but don’t force yourself onto him all the time. Don’t lean over your pup and assert dominance over him. You want him to feel loved, not scared. Now don’t confuse this with giving your dog your time-they, of course, need your time and attention.

  • Taking Hasty Walks

Walks are the times of the day they look forward to. They do their daily loo business there. That cannot be rushed- nope. Give them their freeing time! That is also the time when the dog gets some fresh air. Don’t keep a tight leash. Let him be free- control him but let him have his freedom too, that’s the right way to pet a dog.

  • Some Other Things To Note

The dog has feelings, needs, and life. It is not a toy for you to play with. It’s your responsibility to keep him happy and healthy. Don’t yell at him- this is what the dog repels a lot since he doesn’t understand what you’re saying, but he’s scared. Love him, play with him, don’t be a boring grown up, but also don’t hurt him. Throw him a ball, play fetch, but don’t play dress-up!


Your dog loves more things than it hates. It doesn’t take much to make your dog happy. It’s the little things that dog adores, that brings out the magic in his life like

  • Making its bed. Like you make yours before hitting the bed. (If you don’t make yours either, you should). Plus, you have a responsibility on your shoulders now.
  • Going to new places. Boredom makes them dull too (so human). A thing that dogs love is exploring. Help them do that.
  • Even sitting on your feet.  Dogs adore these. Let him be around you. Give him time and space.
  • Take him swimming. Ironically, they hate bathing but love swimming. Just make sure the water is from a safe source and not contaminated and not too deep or dangerous.
  • Let him eat in private. They are very protective of their food. Let them eat in peace.
  • Listen to some soft music with him. It calms them down. The world is a place full of anxiety for them- and us!
  • Run errands with him. This will strengthen your bond with your dog. Dogs are great companions.
  • Let him make new friends. Introduce him nicely to new people. Nothing forceful. Just carry on if the furry guy shows any interest.

Take care of his naps. He will be active and energetic afterward.

As you might have noticed, these things aren’t even remotely hard to do. A happy dog is so fun to be around; they are nice with kids and great guards for your household. This concludes the top things that dogs love.

These simple Dos and Don’ts with a dog are ways to give them back something in return for the lifetime of loyalty, friendship and care they give you. Dogs are unmatched. Some people even wonder what humans did to deserve dogs- I certainly do wonder!

An animal lover is not simply someone who appreciates the beauty of animals from afar, but rather a deeply compassionate being who recognizes the intrinsic value and inherent worth of every living being, no matter their shape, size, or species. Their love extends far beyond cuddly companions and domestic pets, encompassing the entire spectrum of Earth's remarkable biodiversity.