Top 8 Best Shampoos For Dogs

Similar to humans, dogs too have problems like dandruff, itchy coat, flaky skin, etc. To solve this predicament, there is a variety of different dog shampoos in the market. Further, we shall list the 10 best selling dog shampoos in the market.

*This list is in no particular order

  1. Virbac Clinar-M Cypermetrin And Miconazole Nitrate Shampoo 200ml- Virbac Animal Health Clinar-M Dog Shampoo aids in controlling fungal infections in dogs and helps in getting rid of the ticks, lice, and fleas from your dog’s coat.  Virbac medicated dog shampoo also heals and prevents any fungi induced infections. A 200 ml bottle would cost around Rs.200 to Rs.270. The number of advantages of this shampoo, for such a low price, is totally incredible.
  2. Zoetis Cisaflux Dog Shampoo, 185 ml- This shampoo is a great product for dogs, for getting rid of ticks and fleas. This shampoo contains 1% of Cypermethrin. Cypermethrin is generally used in commercial agricultural applications as an insecticide.
  3. Bio-Groom Natural Scents White Ginger Dog Shampoo 350ml- This shampoo has been developed with the finest natural aromas. Although it is mild and soap free, it cleanses thoroughly. The shampoo softens the dog coat with chamomile & aloe vera.
  4. Forbis Aloe Rinse Dog Shampoo, 750 ml- Makes skin resilient by maintaining an adequate pH balance. It helps in preventing matting and tangling problems. The shampoo lubricates and moisturizes from skin to the coat. It contains aloe vera gel, vitamin E, heat active ingredients, etc. It is suitable for all pets 100% and contains ceremonious chloride, dimethiconol glycerin, acetyl alcohol, Methylisothiazolinone, hydrolyzed collagen, tocopheryl acetate, and fragrance.
  5. Isle of Dogs Clean Coating Dog Shampoo, 500 ml- This shampoo gently cleanses the dirt, grime, and odor. It is enriched with the goodness of green tea, aloe leaf juice, and witch hazel. It has a signature fragrance of Isle of Dogs and contains red berries, fresh strawberries, jasmine, and effervescent champagne.
  6. Groom ‘N Fresh Conditioning Shampoo 355ml- This is an odor eliminating shampoo. It has a unique fragrance obtained from the finest and the most prestigious perfume oil in the world. This mild, soap free natural shampoo cleanses thoroughly, effortlessly, without stripping natural protective oils from skin and coat. This shampoo is safe to be used for topical flea and tick treatments. It does not contain parabens and artificial thickeners.
  7. Pet Head White party Dog Shampoo, 475 ml- This is meant for white furred dogs or dogs with lighter colored coats. It is a whitening shampoo with an orange citrus scent. It is free of petroleum derivatives and is enriched with natural citrus and vitamins.  
  8. Petkin Waterless Spa Gentle Puppy Shampoo, 8.4 Ounce- It provides overall skin hygiene. It adds luster to the coat and makes it silky, smooth and manageable. The composition of proteins in this shampoo controls matting and leaves the dog feeling fresh and fragrant.

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