Dog Behaviour and What it Means

A dog is the best buddy a human can have. Be it their loyal nature or unconditional love, dogs leave no stone unturned to prove their affection to their masters. Nevertheless, a dog owner must know the appropriate way to interact with the dog. This helps the bond between the pet owner & the dog to intensify.

Apart from proper interaction, a pet owner must also be aware of what the various behavioural signs of his pet dog mean. This will prevent them from misreading the pet’s body language.

A dog’s body language helps the owner understand what the dog is trying to convey. Besides body language, dogs also use vocalizations for expressing themselves.

When a dog is excited, it wags its tail and rear. The happy behaviour of the dog can be noted if the wagging is in the sideways. But if the dog is wagging its tail in short, fast strokes, then it is an indication of aggression.

You must have observed your pet pooch digging most of the times. This behaviour is very ordinary in hunting dog breeds. Dogs usually like to dig and hide their favourite things like bones or toys and hunt them later to get it back. Also, if a dog lacks physical activity and is bored, he can dig up the place simply out of boredom. When pet dogs are left alone for longer intervals of time, they desperately wish to escape, therefore, start digging up the place.

Sniffing is an innate action in dogs. Their strong sense of smell helps them understand their surroundings. They smell to recognize a person. Also, dogs lick a person to process information regarding them, which helps the dog to recognize them later.

Another common behavioural sign in puppies is jumping. They jump a lot or run swiftly around the place to attract attention. However, jumping could even be a way of asserting dominance.

Most pet owners might have commonly noticed their puppies or dogs chewing & biting at their favourite décor. Puppies gnaw at things when they are teething, whereas, an adult dog bites at things when he is terrified or frightened and wishes to guide his territory.

When dogs urinate over a particular area, for example, over the car tyre or may be over a particular light post, this is a way in which he marks his territory and communicates with other dogs. This also helps the dog to get back home if ever he is lost.

It is of utmost importance to analyse and alter canine behaviour. This will make the owners life much easier with his pet buddy.

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