How To Get Rid Of Worms In Dogs

Worm infection in dogs must be treated as soon as possible to avoid further loss to the pet’s health. Dogs eat anything and everything that their paws land upon. They can be found poking their noses into muck and all kinds of filth. Whipworm, hookworm, tapeworm and roundworm are some of the worms found in dogs. One cannot easily identify if his/her dog is infested with worms. The stools of a worm infested dog are filled with worms. If ever you feel that your dog is infected with worms, then you must immediately take your pet to the doctor.

To make sure that your dog is safe from worms, make sure that its coat is free from fleas. Swallowing fleas or its eggs can cause worms to the dog. In order to reduce external infestation, make your dog wear a flea collar. Always use medicated shampoos to make sure that your dog’s coat is safe and clean. Make note that you never feed raw meat or eggs to your dog.

Never let them eat dirt from the roadside and also, do not let them come in contact with stray animals. It is your duty to regularly examine your dog’s coat, ears, and the anal area thoroughly. Other symptoms for worms in your pet are vomiting, foul odor, loss of appetite, excess shedding and discharge from the rectum. Never let the dog come in contact with feces, of its own or other animals.

If you are looking for home remedies for curing your dog of worms then you can feed your dog pumpkin seeds, wheat germ, bran, clove, and wormwood oil. Pumpkin seeds contain a kind of steroid which makes worms inactive for a while. These seeds can be crushed and must be fed along with the hull.

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