Identify And Treat Your Dog’s Tail Injury

A dog’s tail is prone to get injured easily. The dog itself might hit its tail on hard surfaces or, it can be stepped on by someone accidentally. An injured tail has the tendency to develop recurrent injuries, thereby remaining sore.

It can be a real task to make out if a dog’s tail is really injured or not.

Signs To Identify Tail Injury

  • Swollen tail
  • Less wagging
  • Drooping or bending tail
  • Decrease in the dog’s tail moment
  • Carrying its tail between its legs
  • Blood and bruises over the tail
  • Ways to treat a Tail Injury

To treat a tail injury, the tail should be put to sleep. This can be done by applying Benadryl to the tail. But, please consult the vet before trying out anything on the tail.

Injuries resulting from bites of other animals will require a rabies shot.

Instead of dipping its tail in cold water, the application of an ice cube may also prove beneficial to reduce the pain and swelling.

Clean the wound by applying antibacterial ointment on the wounded area. Please consult a vet before opting for any medication. You can then apply a bandage to the tail so that it can heal. Also, pad the wound for protection and to prevent it from getting injured again.

Clip off the hair that is covering the bruise. Otherwise, the bacteria may collect in that area. Play safe by using blunt scissors or electric clippers.

** We suggest that, if ever you feel that your dog is in pain or injured, instead of trying to treat it all by yourself, please consult a vet.

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