Royal Canin Boxer Junior & Adult Review

It’s been almost 10 months since I started using Royal Canin Boxer. I brought my boxer home when he was 10 months old. That is when I started feeding him Royal Canin Boxer Junior. This food is meant for boxer puppies up to 15 months of age. The special feature about this food is that it helps in supporting the natural defenses of the puppies. The digestive health and intestinal flora of the puppy are maintained with the help of this dog food.

When he completed 15 months and proceeded to his 16th month, then I changed his food to some local dog food brand. My dog just couldn’t cope with the change and started having profuse diarrhea. I was very worried and didn’t understand what to do. Then I turned to Royal Canin Boxer Adult. This dog food has helped me to maintain my dog’s muscle mass with appropriate protein content. I was happy to know that it also has antioxidants which helps in promoting the cellular health of dogs. I am more than happy with Royal Canin Boxer Junior & Royal Canin Adult. The kibble size of this dog is appropriate and my boxer can easily pick it and chew.

I will definitely continue with Royal Canin as this dog food keeps my baby active and healthy. I will happily recommend this dog food to all dog pet owners who have a boxer ? ? 

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