Royal Canin Club Pro Junior Review

I have 4 months old Doberman and his name is Johnny. I started giving him Royal Canin Club Pro since quite some time now. Initially, he wasn’t a healthy pup and showed signs of malnutrition. I could clearly see his ribs before changing his diet to Royal Canin Club Pro. I was really worried and had no clue if he would be healthy ever.

Since the day he has started eating Royal Canin Club Pro, Johnny has become more active and healthy. You can see in the image, his ribs are no longer visible. He is healthy. This dog food is meant for puppies from 2 to 12 months old. It is highly digestible and is optimal for growth. It maintains vitality and the kibble can be easily picked and chewed.


Johnny enjoys his food and the energy that I have seen in him since I have started feeding him Royal Canin Club Pro is just amazing. Although I don’t really like the smell of this dog food, but my Johnny love’s it totally. I will definitely buy more of this product and will happily recommend the same to other dog owners as well.

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