Is Your Dog A Velcro Dog?

Velcro… What is it? Is Velcro a disease? There must be many questions dwindling inside your mind when the word Velcro popped up. There is nothing to worry about seriously but there is something to worry about. Hey, not confusing you.

First, What Is A Velcro Dog?

A Velcro dog is a dog that is always by your side.

Let me exaggerate it a little, like your dog always follows you every – where, always keeps an eye on you, always wants to be by your side etc.

Most pet owners get confused between an anxiety dog and a Velcro dog. At times they are clumped together. Now, when we talk about dogs who have separation anxiety or a Velcro dog the common thing that pops out with not wanting to be away from their owners. Although the symptom might be the same yet there is a major difference.

Is Your Dog A Velcro Dog?

A Velcro dog wants to be closer with the owner whereas a dog suffering from separation anxiety panics when they are away from their owner.

“Most of the separation anxiety dogs can be a Velcro dog but all Velcro dogs do not suffer from separation anxiety.”

Let’s check out the symptoms of both to get the clear picture:-

Symptoms Of Separation Anxiety – (Mostly Seen When The Owners Leave Them Or Go Apart)

  • Anxiety (nervousness, uneasy)
  • Barking
  • Panting (out of breath, breathless)
  • Drooling
  • Discharging (urinating)
  • Chewing vigorously
  • Unpredictable behavior

Symptoms Of Velcro Dog –

  • Following everywhere.
  • Ultimate need to be with their owner
  • Keeping an eye on all the action of the pet owner
  • Anticipating the actions of pet owners and reacting

Certainly, with the above-mentioned symptoms, it will be easy for a dog owner to recognize the difference between both syndromes.

Causes Of A Velcro Dog –

The only reason for your dog to become a Velcro dog is a hyper attachment. Dogs cannot be blamed for being a Velcro ie; following the owner everywhere. It is because of the owner’s own behavior.Let me make it simple. Whenever you stop to give the dog praise. Letting them sleep in your own bed. Less mental stimulation, letting your dog stick together. Always giving them signals are some of the ways that lead to a velcro dog.

The query over here is how to rescue the dog from this so-called clinginess. It cannot be said that only the above-mentioned activities are resulting in a velcro. Sometimes boredom, loneliness could develop velcro. Killing time is difficult even for humans so how much stress could it be for the dog?

Here are some techniques which will give effective results. Check it out –

  1. Games

Try to involve them in games. As it will be easy for them to kill time and forget you for some time. There are many games to give a try like nose work games, hide and seek, fetch the ball, etc some fun games that reinforce having fun.

Is Your Dog A Velcro Dog?

  1. Physical Activity

A tired dog is a good dog. It is a very common phrase. Involve them in more and more physical activities. The more the dog gets tired the more time he will take to relax. Don’t stress yourself on how much amount of activity should be applied. It is very simple if your dog can stick to you and follow the whole day so he must be having enough energy for all other activities as well.

Is Your Dog A Velcro Dog?

  1. Me Time

We all need me – time, that is having sometimes extracted out from the world only for oneself. The Same habit should be taught to the dog. Make a special place for your dog. Use his dog bed, stuff like toys, mat etc. make him go to that place. You can take the help of treats as rewards as here.

Is Your Dog A Velcro Dog?

  1. Desensitize Them

Relax, what is being said is if your dog gets active or always responds to your each and every activities whenever you move. Trigger them with this, keep doing the activity again and again and they will surely get fed up off and stop reacting.

Is Your Dog A Velcro Dog?

  1. Mental Stimulation

Apart from physical activities, mental stimulation is also important. Dogs thrive on meaningful plays and games. If the brain works a lot or gets involved in some activity it will automatically make the body urge relaxation. Try training, playing tug, tricks etc.

Is Your Dog A Velcro Dog?

  1. Stay Command

Every pet and every pet owner must be aware of the stay command. Teach them to stay at a particular place when you are moving towards the bathroom or working in the kitchen. Start with a short distance and when it starts working make it with a long distance.

The dog should be given more independence and freedom to enjoy the time with themselves and activities games at a distance. The more they are involved the more they will enjoy the world and there won’t be anything like killing the time. The process takes time. It’s not easy to change behavior or some habit in one go. It is always suggested to always be calm and composed with the dog. Try not to yell if they don’t listen to you or do wrong. Don’t make them habituated to treats every time they follow your command. Instead of that use vocal commands, clapping, patting their head, rubbing their back etc. always remember they are not born trained.

Is Your Dog A Velcro Dog?

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