Virbac Sebolytic Dog Shampoo

I bought Virbac Sebolytic Dog Shampoo for my pooch when he was 3 years old. It was one of my friends who introduced this product to me. It has a wonderful aroma of tea tree oil and is a medicated shampoo.

My pooch, Sam, also loves the aroma of this shampoo. Virbac Sebolytic Dog Shampoo is a perfect solution for the management of scaly and greasy condition of the coat of dogs. I am really awestruck by the improvement in Sam’s coat because of this shampoo.

Initially Sam had fleas and ticks. When I used strong tick & flea removal shampoo, Sam got rid of the issue. But later on, I noted that his skin had become scaly and greasy. Whatever product I used, nothing worked out effectively.


This is when I bought Virbac Sebolytic Dog Shampoo. This shampoo soothes the coat and regulates sebum production. Sam’s coat problem was solved completely after two washes!

I am very happy with the results. Virbac Sebolytic Dog Shampoo is a tar free shampoo which helps in removing excessive scales and initiates microbial balance. I will definitely recommend this product for other pooch parents and yes, I am surely going to continue using this product.

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