How can you stop your dog from peeing at home?

This is one of the most common problems we are often asked about. So I decided to give a comprehensive overview of the context. Precisely, this very problem can be for anyone, whether you have a puppy or an adult dog. Most of the dog owners feel that they have tried almost everything to get their dog to quit peeing in the house. Same goes for the puppies.

Apparently, this fact doesn’t match with the situation of a dog peeing in the house so, what should be done? Is the question that must be boggling inside your brain.

You need to re-train your dog. Yes, it is to be done whether you feel exhausted, it drives you crazy, embarrassing. Whatever may be the reason, still this is only the way out and is the only effective measure to be applied if you want to get rescued from this stinky problem.

How can you stop your dog from peeing at home?

Sound worrisome, right? Relax, there is a way out for the same. Trust, it is not hard. You can definitely get your dog to stop peeing in the house.

Here listing easy and effective rescue measures which will make retraining for you comfortable and also not make your dog mad at you from going the training process again.

What you need to do:-

  • Catch him before act –

You may think that you might be lucky if you catch them before the act. It’s not difficult though your dog gives you pre-signals like sniffing, circling around, cocking legs etc. Just pay a little extra attention and it will be easy for you to grab the chance.

How can you stop your dog from peeing at home?

  • Take him out –

Here all needed is to take the dog out quickly by grabbing his attention like clapping, and should be in a positive way.

How can you stop your dog from peeing at home?

  • Decide a spot –

Where you want your dog to pee. Take your dog to that place regularly with a leash or often without a leash. Make sure you do it,

  • In the morning
  • Before going to bed.
  • Before leaving for work
  • After coming from work

This will only work if you glue it with your routine on a regular basis, that is every single day. In this way, the dog will get familiar with the place and understand that the particular place is his pee spot and he has to discharge there only.

How can you stop your dog from peeing at home?

  • Accompany him –

Accompanying your dog while they are peeing is annoying. And most of the pet parents really hate this work and freaks out. But it’s for a small span of time. So, just face it. Accompany him, don’t leave him alone while he is discharging. This is the next best thing to do. This will help them to learn gradually which area they should pee in.

How can you stop your dog from peeing at home?

  • Praise him –

Even humans try harder and do the job better when praised, same happens with the dogs. They love being praised. If you do it at the right time, you will be a step towards the success of retraining your dog. Clap for him, give him a hug, show that you are very happy and proud of him as he is becoming a good dog and a well-behaved one, with all the manners. This will definitely give a positive impact on the dog and he will effortlessly change his behaviors. You should praise him always.

How can you stop your dog from peeing at home?

  • Treat –

They always work. Whenever you take him outside for re-training, always grab a pocket full of treats along. Praise him with treats. As it is always advised not to overdo with treats, it will lead to uninvited health problems.

How can you stop your dog from peeing at home?

  • Be calm –

You might not always be lucky to catch the dog before the act. But with extra attention definitely, you can catch them while doing the act. If the situation arises, act quickly and smart, grab his attention with a loud clap, or call his name. Take him to the pre-planned area where you want him to discharge. Let him finish the act there. It might be frustrating for you to clean the dog poo. Still, calm yourself down and do not yell at the dog for what he did.

It is difficult to step towards success in the initial stages. As it is re-training it is going to an extra added job for you and so for the dog, it might be an unaccepted one too. Whereas, every good thing takes time. What requires here is to get rid of the problem forever while being calm and composed. There has to be compatibility between the pet owner and the dog. Both of you, if you work together, definitely retraining will become a piece of cake.

How can you stop your dog from peeing at home?

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