Royal Canin Pug Junior Dog Food Review

Initially, I only opted for home made Indian foods for my pug. Then my vet told me that my pug was not getting all the nutrition that it is supposed to get. I saw an advertisement about Royal Canin Pug Junior floating over the internet. I Googled it and then finally made up my mind that this is the dog food product I must choose for my baby pug.


Royal Canin Pug Junior dog food

is exclusively formulated for the muscle, skeletal & psychological growth of delicate pugs (up to 10 months of age). My pug is very sensitive to the ever-changing climate and temperature. Usually, pugs are prone to skin infections. Their skulls are relatively small and broader as compared to other dogs. Therefore, keeping these health issues in mind; Royal Canin Pug Junior has a Brachycephalic kibble shape.

The shape of the kibble helps my pug to easily pick up the food and chew it thoroughly, unlike before. My pug initially had joint problems and a very poor digestive system. But thanks to Royal Canine Pug Junior dog food. All his health issues, skin infections, and diarrhea troubles have been solved. Not just that, my pug now has soft skin with shiny fur.

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