Best Food For Labrador

The Best Food for Labrador Are you planning to bring a Labrador retriever puppy home or are you already an owner of a Labrador retriever? Then it is your responsibility to have a brief Labrador dog food diet chart- which will include what type of Labrador dog food you want to feed him and in what quantity.

Now let us suppose if you are going to welcome a homecoming puppy then the breeder will let you know what they’ve been feeding him and in what quantity. It is recommended to pursue the matching diet for a couple of days and gradually adjust the food if you wish too.

Best Food For Labrador

Labrador Diet Chart (Labrador Puppy Diet Chart in India)

It is important to have a Labrador dog food menu which will guide you in his overall growth. The next question popping into your mind will be – does the nutritional requirement vary from breed to breed? Yes, it does vary from breed to breed and one should know their dog’s nutritional needs are based on the type of food that is selected. As the nutritional requirements vary from breed to breed, similarly, it also varies from being a puppy to an adult.

This is where the dog food diet chart comes into play. It guides us what type of food has to be fed at every stage of his life based on the age and breed. Once your Labrador puppy reaches adulthood their requirement changes and is directly linked to their size, physical tendencies, activity level and various other factors. Giving proper and adequate nutrients not only helps to decide the overall growth of your Labrador puppy but it protects them from unnecessary health problems in the long run.

Best Food For Labrador

Labrador Dog Food Diet Chart

As we have already discussed growth and nutritional requirements so now we can easily understand that both are correlated. Being a Labrador owner one should follow a Labrador dog food chart which we have discussed below using info graph and in details as well. The below-mentioned info graphs include – Labrador puppies diet chart as well as diet chart for Labrador in all the stages of its life. This diet chart has been designed for dogs in India (as per the available Labrador foods in India). For your reference, we have also provided the Labrador Dog Food Diet Chart In Hindi as well.

Labrador dog food comes in various brands and so their name also changes from brand to brand. To avoid confusion we will elaborate the best food for dogs available in India.

All the brands mentioned below come in various packing sizes to choose from. Generally Labrador diet level is good and hence it is suggested to opt for larger bags. For your help here we have mentioned the quantities as well as which particular food is available in different brands.

► When your Labrador’s age is up to 3 months – During this time period your puppy is just like a small infant or should be said at the weaning phase. So the food that should be fed will be in the form of starter, weaning puppy etc. You can refer to the Labrador puppies’ food chart; we are here mentioning the same which will help your dog in a long run.

Best Food For Labrador

Various dog food brands available for Labrador are Royal Canin, Arden Grange, Farmina, Fidele, Focus, Drools, Letsbite and Pedigree. We have mentioned the order based on the ranking that we have arrived over years of reviews from customers.

  • In Royal Canin for puppies’ up to 3 months, you have to feed Royal Canin Maxi Starter Mother & Baby Dog. It is available as Royal Canin Maxi Starter Mother & Baby Dog 1kg, Royal Canin Maxi Starter Mother & Baby Dog 4kg, Royal Canin Maxi Starter Mother & Baby Dog 15kg.
  • Similarly, in Arden Grange the packs available are Arden Grange Weaning Puppy 2kg, Arden Grange Weaning Puppy 6kg, Arden Grange Weaning Puppy 15kg.
  • In Farmina they are N&D Farmina Starter 0.8 kg, N&D Farmina Starter 2.5kg, N&D Farmina Starter 12kg.
  • In Fidele the packs come as Fidele Starter Puppy 4kg, Fidele Starter Puppy 10kg, Fidele Starter Puppy 15kg.
  • In Focus the packs come as Focus Starter 4kg, Focus Starter 15kg.
  • In Drool the packs available are as  Drools Starter Puppy 3kg, Drools Starter Puppy 12kg
  • In Letsbite the packs come as Letsbite Starter Puppy 3kg, Letsbite Starter Puppy 8kg
  • In Pedigree the pack comes as Pedigree Mother & Pup 3kg.

Best Food For Labrador

► When your Labrador crosses the age of 3 months it means he reaches to the junior stage i.e.: (4 months – 15months) so here the food type changes. A simple suggestion to follow here is if you are following a particular brand, you should carry forward with same brand. For example, if you were feeding him Arden Grange Weaning Puppy then now you should shift to Arden Grange Puppy Junior. Also if you are willing to switch over another brand then go for the type which fits to the ongoing age of the puppy. Let’s us discuss best food for your Labrador which you can without any hesitation add to Labrador food diet chart –

  • In Royal Canin for puppies between 4 months to 15 months you have to feed him Royal Canin Labrador Junior. It is also available as Royal Canin Labrador Junior 3kg, Royal Canin Labrador Junior 12kg. Royal Canin also provides food for large breed in separate classifications as Royal Canin Maxi Junior. It comes in various quantities like Royal Canin Maxi Junior 4kg, Royal Canin Maxi Junior 15kg.
  • Similarly, in Arden Grange the packs are available in Arden Grange Puppy Junior 2kg, Arden Grange Puppy Junior 6kg,
  • In Farmina they are N&D Farmina Puppy Maxi 2.5kg, N&D Farmina Puppy Maxi 12kg
  • In Fidele the packs comes as Fidele Puppy Large 4kg, Fidele Puppy Large 10kg, Fidele Puppy Large 15kg
  • In Focus the packs comes as Focus Puppy 4kg, Focus Puppy 8kg, Focus Puppy 15kg,
  • In Drools the packs comes as Drools Puppy Large 3kg, Drools Puppy Large 12kg,
  • In  Letsbite  the packs comes as Letsbite Active Puppy 3kg, Letsbite Active Puppy 10kg,
  • In Pedigree the pack comes as Pedigree Professional Puppy 3kg, Pedigree Professional Puppy 10kg

Best Food For Labrador

► A maxi breed reaches adulthood at the age of 15 months and so their dietary and nutrition requirements will also increase. Here it gets imperative to change the Labrador food from junior to adult for the dogs above 15 months.

  • In Royal Canin for Labradors of above 15 months, you have to feed him Royal Canin Labrador Adult. It is also available as Royal Canin Labrador Adult 3kg, Royal Canin Labrador Adult 12kg. Royal Canin also provides food for the large breed in separate classifications as Royal Canin Maxi Adult 1kg, Royal Canin Maxi Adult  4kg, Royal Canin Maxi Adult 15kg,
  • Similarly, in Arden Grange the packs are available in Arden Grange Adult 2kg, Arden Grange Adult 6kg,
  • In Farmina  they are N&D Farmina Adult 2.5kg, N&D Farmina Adult 12kg
  • In Fidele the packs comes as Fidele Large Adult 4kg, Fidele Large Adult 10kg, Fidele Large Adult 15kg
  • In Focus the packs comes as Focus Adult 4kg, Focus Adult 8kg, Focus Adult 15kg
  • In Drools the packs comes as Drools Large Adult 3kg, Drools Large adult 4kg, Drools Large adult 10kg
  • In  Letsbite  the packs  comes as Letsbite Active Adult 3kg, Letsbite Active Adult 10kg,
  • In Pedigree the pack comes as Pedigree Adult 3kg, Pedigree Adult 6kg, Pedigree Adult 10kg, Pedigree Adult 15kg

Note :

  1. We have mentioned the brands as per the ranking and customer reviews. The brands like Royal Canin, Arden Grange are premium brands and undoubtedly deliver great results in terms of growth and development. Whereas some pet owners who want to go for budget or economical brands can go Focus, Drools, Pedigree, Letsbite etc.
  2. It is always advised to feed premium brand dog food for the whole life but if the same doesn’t fit to the pocket we have another solution too. The overall meals can be divided as feeding one time premium dog food and twice economical dog food.
  3. It is advisable to feed premium dog food to your dog for first six months later you can switch to other economical or budget brands.
  4. Labrador falls under maxi and large breed that is why in some brands it is stated as maxi and in some large. To make it clearer you can check as there are two options in Royal Canin that is Royal Canin Maxi Junior and Royal Canin Labrador Junior whereas in Fidele it is Fidele Starter Puppy for up to 3 months of Labrador and then it is Fidele Puppy Large for a Labrador from 4 – 15 months. So, do not get confused and pick the above mentioned best dog food brands as per your choice.
  5. The above mentioned dog food brands are in all the available quantities you can select on.
  6. Labrador is a maxi breed and tends to have a larger appetite; it is advised to prefer larger bags.

Royal Canin Satiety for Weight Management / Royal Canin Vet Diet Satiety

Labradors are good eaters and if you feed them, again and again, they will not let you down. They also have a habit to finish up the given food and then asking for more. This habit of there can make them overweight or obese. But do not worry; we have the solution for the same.

Royal Canin has introduced Royal Canin Satiety for Weight Management which is specially designed and formulated to assist weight management. This dog food promotes healthy and safe weight loss also creates a feeling of fullness, reduces feed intake and hunger between meals. It also ensures to meet nutritional needs with restricted calories.

Best Food For Labrador

Note :

  • Royal Canin Satiety for Weight Management is available only on veterinary prescription.
  • It is also available in various packs such as Royal Canin Vet Diet Satiety 1.5kg, Royal Canin Vet Diet Satiety 6 kg, Royal Canin Vet Diet Satiety 12kg, and Royal Canin Satiety for Weight Management 12kg.

Labrador Dog Food Diet Chart In Hindi

Here we have also mentioned similar infographic like above in Hindi. For the pet owners who are more comfortable in the Hindi language.

Best Food For Labrador

Best Dog Food Brand For Your Labrador

Dog food brands have taken a steep rise in the commercial market and there are many in terms of brands. Here we will discuss the best food for dogs on the basis of their availability in India. Hunting the supreme food brand for your Labrador might be puzzling and tiring. The Labrador food should meet all the nutritional needs and should result in an overall growth of your dog along with that it has to make your pooch’s mouth drool.

We understand searching best food for Labrador is difficult and as your pooch eats the same food every day – they deserve to love the taste instead of refusing or just swallowing. As there are so many dog food brands which might confuse you, so we are listing some Top Brand Dog Food in India as per our knowledge and customer reviews

Best Food For Labrador

The best food for dogs you choose should fulfill some conditions like

  • It should serve the quality as per its price.
  • It should have a remarkable combination of nutrition, proteins, minerals, oils etc.
  • It should be delicious i.e.; drooling
  • It should have good customer reviews and ratings

So, here clubbing some Best Dog Food Brand in India

Best Food For Labrador

Royal Canin :

This brand is no doubt a worldwide leader when comes to pet health nutrition. It persistently adapts popular trends and dives in the scientific knowledge till the roots. Their mission is same, serving best quality food to the pet. It is a premium brand.

Royal Canin does not focus on highlighting raw materials to attract pet owner’s attention rather they give attention to delivering methodically formulated and accurately crafted nutrients. This brand includes rice as main ingredients and along with it has a good number of grains, proteins, and vegetable proteins etc. This is one of the best dog foods in India.

Suggested food for Labrador in Royal Canin – Royal Canin Maxi Starter, Royal Canin Maxi Junior/ Royal Canin Labrador Junior, Royal Canin Maxi Adult, Royal Canin Labrador Adult.

Arden Grange :

This is a European brand which has been developing advanced and premium quality food for dogs and cats since 1996. They work with a philosophy of “health and nutrition” which has helped them in gaining such popularity and reputation across the world as the best dog food. Arden Grange foods are hypo allergic, made using traceable, sustainable food stocks, naturally processed and many more features. We can surely say this brand is one of the best dog foods in India. The added benefit, it has great palatability and dogs love to eat this food.

Suggested food for Labrador in Arden Grange – Arden Grange Weaning Puppy, Arden Grange Puppy Junior, Arden Grange Adult.

N&D Farmina :

This is an Italian brand which provides a blending of nature and science with a defined mission to build up the best all-natural, nutritious and scientifically validated food. Incorporating and cooking the finest raw ingredients following the strict guidelines. N&D Farmina contains the healthy substitutes to easily digestible rice, corn with 35% corn protein.

Suggested food for Labrador in N&D Farmina – N&D Farmina Starter, N&D Farmina Puppy Maxi, N&D Farmina Adult.

You can add any of the abovementioned dog food brands to your Labrador dog food chart without any second thought.

Best Food For Labrador

Kinds Of Dog Food Available

There are various forms of dog food easily accessible. You can decide as per the likes and nutritional requirement of your dog. Every form is different and has its own importance which makes them stand apart.

Wet Form :

This food as the name recommends comes in a wet form that is with high moisture content. This comprises of gravy and comes in cans, pouches etc. It is also known as canned food. Wet food is suitable for eating as it is prepared for elevated temperatures to fumigate the food and they are preserved under pressure counting vitamins, minerals, and all significant essentials. Wet food can easily be stored in the refrigerators and gives a delightful taste to your dog’s tongue.

Best Food For Labrador

Dry Form :

This food is prepared with low moisture content packed in bags like a sealable bag which makes them trouble-free to serve. These include kibble, pellets, etc. Just open the bag, measure the content and feed the dog. This food can be served in its usual form and also if you wish you can dampen the food with water or gravy or above mentioned wet food as per the tang of your dog and also as per the guiding principle if mentioned any. This is one of the most commonly used forms.

Best Food For Labrador

Raw Form :

This is the oldest variety of dog food upcoming from generation. There was a time when dog food was not commercially developed then raw food was the only option. This type of food characteristically includes meat, bones, raw eggs etc. It can be stored in the similar way you store your food. While feeding raw food to your dog you should be aware of the nutritional content that the particular food has and also will it be able to meet the requirement that your dog needs. This food can also be served along with dry food and wet food as well.

Best Food For Labrador

Homemade Food For Labrador Puppy In India

There is an abundance of homemade food for dogs which you can easily dish your Labrador dog food chart with. But before serving the same you must ensure the wellbeing measures and be conscious. By this, it means there are some foods which are suitable for the health of the Labrador and vice-a-versa.

Here listing some homemade food that can be added to your Labrador dog food menu –

  • Animal protein – Scrambled eggs, boiled chicken, fish, beef, and mutton
  • From your kitchen – Brown rice, white rice
  • Dairy products – Fresh curd, fresh buttermilk, pasteurized milk, cottage cheese
  • Fruits and vegetables – Berries, banana, carrots, melons (muskmelon, watermelon), cucumbers, pumpkin, mashed potatoes.

Best Food For Labrador

Note :

when you are feeding the above-mentioned food make sure not to add any kind of spices, also do not forget to remove seeds from fruits and vegetables. It is better to feed these in slices.

Food That Should Be Avoided

Chocolates, caffeine, tea, grapes, citrus oil extracts, raw meat, avocado, mushroom, salt, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, raw eggs, onions etc.

The above-mentioned foods are suggested to avoid and not to add in your Labrador’s food menu as it can cause digestive troubles and allergies etc.

Homemade food is fine for you and your family as it can serve the needed requirements. But when it comes to a Labrador then you must think twice. Labradors have diverse nutritional requirements from us and home cooked food will not be able to fulfill the same as we have discussed above in detail.

Best Food For Labrador

A Labrador owner can switch to homemade food for their Labradors and also sometimes when the dog starts eating home cooked food it gets quite difficult for them to change to the branded food. Here we suggest you to mix homemade food with processed dog food and then feed them. Giving them processed food will definitely help in a long run. Also, by mixing them together will be in your budget and the dog will get the necessary nutrition’s too.

We suggest you feed your Labrador with well-processed food.

The reason is when we compare home-made food for dogs with the processed or best foods for dogs then the former fails to provide the required nutrients essential for the growth of the dog. Whereas the later comes with well-built formula and ingredients specially formulated for the dogs. Also, the growth is decided on what you feed him for the first 1 and half years. If you want after this term of years you can slowly switch to homemade food. However, it is always advised to feed your Labrador retriever with well-processed food to meet your dog’s dietary and growth requirements for a long run.

Puppy feeding guidelines

Labrador Feeding Guidelines

Labrador is one such dog who tends to be hungry all the time and can be greedy as well. They are fast eaters. If you are a Labrador owner then you will easily relate when I say Labradors finish their food in one go. You feed them and they will not let you down by refusing or wasting the food.

How much to feed your Labrador depends on the nutritional requirements and metabolism of the dog. Metabolism here means the sum of chemical reaction that occurs in the body of the living organism and supports the progression of digestion and transportation of substances into one and different cells. Knowing the metabolism of the dog is easy as it only requires a keen observation. Observe your dog’s eating habits and then chart accordingly. Also, the other method is the guidelines mentioned on the food packages of your Labrador. These guidelines vary from brands to brands.

Labrador is a breed which is prone to obesity which means you should be extra careful while feeding them. Also, the dog should not be extra thin or fat. He should maintain the standard health, weight, and size.

Standard Feature of Labrador Retrievers

Particulars             Female              Male Labrador

Height                   55-60 cm               57-62 cm

Weight                   25-32 kg               29-36 kg

When your Labrador is between the ages of 1 month to 3 months – Below we have mentioned an info graphic that will help you.


Best Food For LabradorWhen To Switch Puppy Food To Adult Food

Maxi and large breeds attain adulthood at the age of 15 months and in terms of body weight over 25-32kgs for Female Labradors and 29-36kgs for Male Labradors. At the age of 15 months, you should slowly but surely shift to the food that is appropriate for your Labrador. For example, if you were feeding him Royal Canin Labrador Junior up to 15 months then you should now switch to Royal Canin Labrador Adult.

How many meals should be given to a Labrador as per their age?

  • If your Labrador is between 4 to 15 months then you are supposed to feed him with 3 meals per day.
  • If your Labrador is above 15 months then you are supposed to feed him with 2 meals a day.

Note :

  • Always follow the identical time interval between the meals and add the decided timings to your routine this will help you to divide the meal accordingly. Once your Labrador has acknowledged the feeding schedule then he will unquestionably fix to it.
  • Until the end of the day, make sure to keep water available in a bowl for the dog.
  • Do not feed household odds and ends to your dog, it is not advised because dogs nutritional needs will not be fulfilled by the same and it will result in a bad habit. Then they might start begging for the left-over too.
  • Do not let your Labrador jump after eating.

After following the above-mentioned guidelines and suggested dog food, you will surely find the difference in overall growth and development of your Labrador. Giving well- balanced diet including all nutrients, vitamins, minerals etc will also increase the lifespan of your Labrador too.

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