How to Convince Your Parents to Get a Dog

There are many out there, who desperately wants a dog. Before bringing home a dog, the first thing one must do is to ask the parents for permission. In most cases, persuading the parents to allow them to bring home a dog, is the biggest tasks!

Now that you have decided that you really want a dog, we shall help you with tips to convince your parents. First and foremost, do not pop up the question as soon as your parents are back from work. This is when they are tired and your pleading will fall on deaf ears. Don’t even think about it when they are in a bad mood, it will just backfire. Wait for the time when they are in a pleasant mood and even if they decline in the 1st, 2nd or 10th attempt, do not create a scene.


Relax and imagine yourself to be in their place. Would you like anyone cribbing and nagging you all the time?? Give your parents some time to think about it. I assure you, the end result will be great.


When you asked your parents about bringing home a dog, did they put you off saying that, you weren’t responsible enough to take up that responsibility? Then it’s time to show them what you are. Don’t just say that you are responsible. Prove it!! Clean your room regularly, wash your dad’s car regularly, do things without being asked to.


Also, make sure that you must have patience and be consistent in doing any ‘responsible’ tasks. Don’t be disheartened, thinking that you are not being noticed!! Although your parents might not say it, they definitely are observing you.


Be prepared to answer the question, ‘Why do you want a dog?’. Make sure that your answer is convincing enough, which will solve half the problem. Give them logical explanations like, how you hate returning to a lonely house after school, the various advantages of growing up with a dog & the benefits of having dogs. Don’t just that, ‘My best friend has a dog, so even I want one’, it will definitely not work.


Are you really serious about getting a pup home? Then you must start doing your research immediately. Talk to your parents about whatever you have learned from your research. Study about different breeds and their temperament, what shots must a pup get and at what age, where from can you adopt/buy a puppy, etc. Impress them with your vast knowledge. Trust me, this knowledge will be very beneficial when the pup is home.


If none of the above tricks help, beg and shed a few tears. This is the last method you can resort to. Give them time to think over it. Do not make a scene or continuously crib about the ‘i-must-have-a-dog’ issue. Remember, patience is the key to success.

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