Royal Canin Dry S/O & Wet S/O Urinary Review

Hey there, I am Dr. Anahita from Visakhapatnam. I am glad to write a review again on two very successful products of Royal Canin i.e., Royal Canin Dry S/O Urinary and Royal Canin Wet S/O Urinary. Although these products are used for the same canine health issues, their ingredients are different. These products are formulated to eradicate stones (struvite & oxalate) from the canine’s kidney and bladder.

These products consist of elements that efficiently reduce the formation of kidney & bladder stones like; struvite and calcium oxalate. The urine mineral concentration is perfectly balanced by these products. The urine formed is diluted and also the inflammation caused due to stones is reduced to an appreciable extent. Both the products have a combination of vitamin A and 6 fatty acids make the coat of the skin healthy and shiny. A blend of antioxidants like vitamin C and E, lutein, and taurine instills energy into the dog.

Royal Canin Dry Urinary S/O contains ingredients like brewers rice, corn, wheat, egg products, etc. Whereas, Royal Canin Wet Urinary S/O contains chicken liver, corn grits, pork by-products, etc.

I am a vet and I always recommend Royal Canin Dry Urinary S/O and Royal Canin Wet Urinary S/O for canines with kidney & bladder stones.

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