Amazing Groomimg Hacks For Your Pet!

Tired of everyday routine based grooming task or not getting time to do the same. Here we have amazing grooming hacks which are going to make the tiring grooming process easy and smooth for you and for your pet. Try them out without wasting any time. Here are some really helpful tips for you and your darling pet.

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Amazing Groomimg Hacks For Your Pet!EASY WAYS OF BATHING –

Begin from the neck and go downwards unhurriedly using your fingers. Save the head for the last. Do not use shampoos or soap around the eyes or ears. Rinse thoroughly. If you have a double coated dog then rub their fur properly and make sure not to rub the same place for long. Take the help of bathing gloves, they are easy to wear and a gentle massage would help. Keep on rinsing if you see dirt coming out.


Depending upon the breed, brushes vary, some dog has a short and smooth coat for which normal brushes work, whereas some dogs like St. Bernard, Shih – Tzu etc have thick coats and their fur requires every day brushing without fail. The brush to be used here are double sided pin brush, slicker brush. Also, if the dog has flea and ticks then separately flea and ticks are to be used. It is suggested to use flea and tick comb at least weekly once. Brushing every day lets your dog hair regenerate, removes loose hair, shines the coat, and improves blood circulation as well. A tip or an advice while brushing – first brush in the opposite direction and then comb in the normal direction.


It’s a great hack and most of the people avoid or doesn’t know about it. You should always brush your dog’s hair before bathing as it will clear out tangles, mats and extra loose hairs. Also, it makes bathing easy and troubles free for you and your furry friend as well.

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