Complete Solution Of Hair-fall & Skin Infection In Dog

Hair-fall in dogs is one of the universal yet severe issues. Every dog owner should be aware of the inclusive conception of hair-fall. This is for the reason that every so often, most of the owners misinterpret hair-fall with shedding or are not able to recognize the symptoms of hair-fall.

There can be diverse reasons for hair-fall in dogs. It can be genetic, sensitivity, allergy, etc. Certainly, the very general reason for hair-fall in dogs can be said as a skin infection. Or I should say skin infection has a close association with hair fall.

In this article, we will discuss the concept, causes, symptoms, medications, and solutions for hair-fall. Even if you bump into any doubts, you can select any of the below methods to contact us and share your concern. Our Vet expert will address your concern in detail –

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Difference between shedding and hair-fall in dogs :

Shedding :

It is a regular process in which dogs naturally lose old or damaged hair. Most of the dogs shed hair, particularly during the hot summer months. Whereas, some dogs with thick coats shed in winter and some in spring. So shedding also depends on the weather. Also the amount and frequency of hair that is shed often depends upon the health and breed type.

Hair-fall – One should watch out as to how much the dog is shedding? If a dog is losing hair in massive amounts or with bald spots, large clumps, thinning of hair, then it amounts to hair-fall.

Symptoms :

  • Foul odor
  • Itchiness
  • White patches
  • Dry scaly skin
  • Overall thinning of the hair
  • Patches of complete hair loss
  • Hair loss around eyes and mouth
  • Red bumps, red inflamed skin around the area of hair loss

Complete Solution Of Hair-fall & Skin Infection In Dog

Causes :

  • Sleeping in water :

If your dog is playing in the water or splashing water from his bowl and sleeping on the wet floor then you need to stop this action straight away. Staying in water for more time or sleeping on the wet floor can cause serious skin infections. You can resolve the problem using this simple trick by scheduling the timing for giving water to your dog for drinking. Once your dog has drunk then remove the bowl from his visibility. Try using this method and you will see progress. 

  • Parasites :

External annoying insects like mites, flea, ticks, etc can damage the hair follicles and lead to hair fall. They also cause itchiness and baldness of the skin.

One of the most common reasons behind dog hair-fall is a flea and tick. It starts when a flea bites the dog and inserts the saliva into the body. It mostly affects the back or tail of the body. Symptoms are itchiness, hair-fall.

The other parasite infection that usually dogs suffer is mange. Mange is a skin infection caused by several species of tiny mites, common external parasites found in the companionship of other dogs.

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Complete Solution Of Hair-fall & Skin Infection In Dog - Parasites

  • Fungal infections :

These types of infections can cause partial to complete hair-fall in dogs. These infections are common in hot and humid climates. Symptoms are itchiness, skin irritation, inflammation around the ears, between the paws, anal area. Redness of the skin, sticky discharge can be said as the secondary symptoms of fungal infections.

  • Bacterial infections :

These types of infections are caused in dogs when subspecies of the bacterial organisms penetrate the skin and spread through blood. Symptoms are redness of the skin, crusting and circular pattern of hair-fall. 

  • Allergies :

Dogs are prone to allergies when compared to any other species. Types of allergies in dogs are as follows –

  • Food allergies :

Common ingredients – beef, corn, soy, grapes, onions, salt, soy, fish, etc are some of the common food that causes allergies. Whereas some dogs might be allergic to chicken, egg, egg yolk, etc. It is recommended to feed a proper diet to your dog. Symptoms – itchiness, swelling, hair-fall, skin infection.

Complete Solution Of Hair-fall & Skin Infection In Dog

  • Contact allergies :

These allergies commonly occur when your dog gets in contact with any allergic plant, dust, pollens, grass, wood, etc. It is advised to take care of your dog while going outside and be extra attentive as well.

Above listed are the common causes of hair-fall which every dog owner must know. Whereas there are some other causes such as –

  • Stress and nutritional deficiencies
  • Reaction from medicines or injections
  • Hereditary


Medicine to reduce hair-fall :

If your dog is showing symptoms like red bumps, redness due to constant scratching then you are advised to use any of these shampoos mentioned below :

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