Dressed Dog, Gentle & Sophisticated

Well suited, tucked and with tie on, polished shoes and a uniform walk makes the human look gentle and appealing. Equally silly when you watch a dog doing it. But the trend has evolved, and humans’ wardrobe will be loose in front of his pet nowadays. Ownership of pet has boomed the industry with owners even involving in creative outfits for their pets. Keeping fashion aside the question is do dogs really need clothing? The fact is that yes, many dogs do need clothing in the cold weather. Much of whether your dog requires clothing in the winter months will depend on how warm your dog can stay based on breed, size, and age.

Of course, short, thin hair is not the only prerequisite for outer clothing. Dogs that tend to have short-cropped hair. Also, older dogs with weaker immune systems and dogs with diseases that impair hair typically need an extra source for warmth, and this can be easily provided by a sweater or jacket, even indoors.

Conversely, larger dogs with dense hair coats do not have a need for additional insulation and would be very uncomfortable if they were forced to wear outer clothing, particularly to the point of physically overheating. Their fur is already genetically designed to protect them from extreme winter temperatures. For example, the Siberian husky, Malamute, and Saint Bernard breeds are all excellent examples of dogs that are perfectly suited to cold temperatures.

Dressed Dog, Gentle & Sophisticated

But advice is, if your dog does not like clothes, wearing clothes, and tends to either freeze in place, act like they were lathered in glue, or otherwise is unhappy about apparel, don’t make them wear clothes. You can still have fun: There are so many fun leashes, collars, and bandanas on the market these days that you don’t have to feel excluded.

Now that you know why your dog should wear a sweater or jacket, the fun part begins shopping. Whether you are a hipster, a sports fan, or a perky prep, there is a sweater or jacket to synchronize up your dog’s style with your own. Shop now at

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