Ensure Pet Safety During Holi – Do’s And Don’ts

The chilling winter is saying bye to us and we are welcoming the spring with our hands widespread. The weather is changing, flowers are blooming, squirrels are coming out and we are stuffing our woolens back to the box. Whereas what reminds me of these changes in nature is the Holi. Holi – the festival of colors, the festival of joy which makes everyone from kids to grown-ups eager and energized. I guess they must have started filling their water balloons.

Holi is a festival for us and it is not being enjoyed with pets or any animals. Here in this article, we are going to discuss The various ways to ensure pet safety during Holi. Holi means colors and interaction of colors with the pets may cause unsafe outcome and even so often terrible. It may terrify your pet and can cause stress, phobia, pain, partial loss of vision etc. Though some of the pets love to enjoy but there are some who are so petrified of the shrill noises, abrupt exposure of colors that they go missing. Even if you have additional doubts feel free to contact us –

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Let’s have a discussion about what should/must not be done during Holi –

Ensure Pet Safety During Holi – Do’s And Don’ts


The first and foremost thing to be done during Holi is to keep children away from pets. Kids love Holi more than anyone and in this excitement, they may pour colors on your pet. Which is likely to frighten your pet and affect its skin and coat leading to allergies and infection. Even the pet might love to play with colors but it should be a big no for them. Advise your children not to engage your pet in Holi and teach them to respect your pet.


Day by day Holi come closer, it makes everyone thrilled about the water balloons. Filling the balloons with colors and then throwing on to the people around. Ultimately, if you have witnessed the water balloons on yourself then probably you must be aware of the pain and sudden shock. Just keep yourself at the place of the pet. That sweet little animal will definitely outrage or get frightened from the same.


 Any type of colors will result in harmful effects to your pet so it is advised to enjoy with friends and family and not with pets. It is a general misconception that dry color will not affect the pet. But as I said it is a misconception any color contains chemicals, toxins, lead etc, in an amount which will definitely affect the pet.


Generally, even after trying a lot, some or the other colors comes in contact with the pet. In such cases, it is advised not to use kerosene or any other toxins to clean your pet. Just use a mild and light Pet Shampoo and give a normal bath. That would be enough.


If your pet seems to be not interested in what’s happening around, do not force them into anything, like taking them out, making them eat sweets. Food or drinks. As Holi is a festival which means lots of sweets, drinks, food will be there. So, just avoid extra feeding to your pet.

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Ensure Pet Safety During Holi – Do’s And Don’ts

As we have discussed above what must not be done, now here we will discuss some general and basic things that you must do when you are a pet owner –

  1. WATER-

Always keep a water bowl ready. Make sure to arrange a sufficient amount of water for drinking as well for cleaning their eyes in every 2-3 hours. Also, once in a while glucose can be substituted with water for drinking purpose.


Make appropriate arrangement for your pet to keep them away from the crowd. It is suggested to keep them busy with their desired games, toys, treats, television or any of their interesting stuff.

  1. HIDE THEM –

To avoid serious and destructive concerns and hitch of the colors, it is advised to hide your pet during the time of festival and when people are around with colors. 


As it is advised not to overfeed them, even if you see their drooling mouth, control your emotions. Make sure to take them out before the festival starts for nature’s call or a happy-go-lucky walk which will in a way relax them.

  1. PETTING –

You might be busy with friends, family, as it is a must await festival of the year and also this does not make you wrong. But, make sure in all these festivities, you do not avoid your pet. A small pat, a hug, call, clap, rubbing their back can do wonders. Even it is advised by the psychologists that petting helps.

Ensure Pet Safety During Holi – Do’s And Don’ts


Sometimes, even if after taking so many precautions some or the other affects just remains. And if the same happens and you feel your pet is behaving not in a normal way. Suppose if your pet is showing some symptoms like vomiting, fever, uneasiness etc, then don’t wait for a second and rush to the vet. Keep the vet’s number on speed dial. Also, pre-arrange some heath care products as advised by your vet.


We must respect and privilege the street animals too. Taking utmost care of your pet makes you great a pet parent but respecting the street animals makes you a great human being. It is our responsibility to take care of the street animals and not to hurt them. Try to take an effort to stop the one who is trying to hurt them as well.

Holi is all around the corner, everyone is making plans for the most waited and colorful festival of the year. This Holi celebrate with your pet but not make it messy for them. Take extra yet utmost care for them and all the animals around you. Let’s make this Holi a trouble free for all of them.

Wishing You A Joyful And Safe Holi!

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