Royal Canin Medium Junior Review

About six months back I was recommended Royal Canin Medium Junior. That is when i brought home stuffy, my Cocker Spaniel. Her breeder asked me to go for this dog food product. I saw a great offer on Marshalls Pet Zone. I decided to grab a 15kgs of Royal Canin Medium Junior.

Stuffy hates this food. I guess its the smell. She used to play with the kibble and then push it away into a corner. I couldn’t just give off a 15kg dog food pack!! So I tried soaking the kibble with minced lamb and fish. Stuffy was head over heels for this recipe.

She seemed to love it. Henceforth, she never left the food and licked away every single morsel of it. Royal Canin Medium Junior has made stuff’s coat shiny and beautiful as you can see in the photo above.

But I am not sure if I will again buy the same dog food. Sparing extra time to soak the kibble with meat is very time-consuming. She completely refuses to eat the kibble as it is. Although, this dog food has many advantages, as it gives stuffy a healthy coat and active mood, but the taste factor cannot be ignored.

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