Royal Canin Mini Adult Review

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Me and my Chihuahua are big fans of Royal Canin Mini Adult. This fabulous product is so apt for small dogs. Some people feel if the dog is small it wouldn’t need more food or energy. But that is a misconception. Smaller dogs need more energy than bigger dog breeds. I am Joanna and my Chihuahua’s name is Rodrick. I have a dozen reasons to tell you all, why i chose Royal Canin Mini adult for my Rodrick.

Since the day i have introduced this dog food to my Chihuahua, he remains energetic and doesn’t seem to lack energy. Although Royal Canin mini adult is high in energy, but it does not let my Rodrick to be fat. This is because of the element L-carnitine in the food. The EPA and DHA contents in this dog food product are amazingly perfect. They help my buddy to have a shiny and healthy coat. I can just go on and on while talking about Royal Canin Mini Adult. The star shape kibble it has, doesn’t allow my pooch to develop tartar.

It has ingredients like Chicken meal and brown rice. If you have a small dog and are confused on which dog food you should opt for, then without a second thought, go for Royal Canin Mini Adult.

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