Summer, How To Make My Dog Game On

Dawn of February and summer is here, a season for rambles, picnics and water fun. Longer days and warm weather inspire us to get ourselves and our dogs outside to go out for a stroll, soak up some sun and get some exercise.

Maintaining our dogs’ grooming routines is also of prime importance. It’s not all about looking good; it’s also about keeping a close eye on the condition of our dogs’ skin, ears, and nails, countering little problems before they are grown up.

While some breeds require the services of a professional groomer, all dogs benefit from a good combing & brushing, and you don’t have to be a pro to do that. A dog’s best friend is a tool appropriate for his coat type, one that strips out loose hair so air can circulate against his skin. Regular and thorough brushing also prevents mats, which are not only painful but also trap heat and moisture and can result in skin infections.

This is also the time of year to be particularly vigilant about ticks and fleas. Another reason to be conscientious about wielding the brush, rake or comb of your choice. While your dog may or may not agree, adding an extra bath or two is also a good summer strategy. Brush before and after, choose a shampoo that’s a good match for his skin and coat type.

Be it humans or Dog is active when fresh. Do ensure round the clock freshness, Dog sprays and deodorants are highly recommended. Deodorants make the pet congenial and enable an aura even in the stingy and humid summer.


Summer, How To Make My Dog Game On

Check your dog’s ears regularly, particularly if swimming is on his playlist. Let the pet spend some good time in his Bath Tub. Dogs whose ears fold over are prone to ear infections, which wet ears promote. Some groomers pluck hair from a dog’s ear canal, but we advise against this, as the hair pores then secrete extra serum, providing another excellent medium for infection. After your dog takes a dip, wipe the inside ear flap gently with a cotton ball; if your dog says it’s okay, you can also use drops that contain a drying agent.  Oral Products and Aural Products come in handy during the peak summer heat.

And continue to brush your dog’s pearly whites and pay attention to his paws. Check between his toes for ticks, brambles or other debris, and trim his nails with trimmers for dogs only.

None of this is rocket science, just good old-fashioned care. And the payoff is so worth it: a dog that feels good and smells good, is the HAPPY SUMMER DOG.

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