Pet Licensing In India

Is there a real necessity to have a license? Yes it is when you are driving…and of course when your pet is beside you, you must carry a license to own a pet. Several reasons to justify the ownership and equitable reasons to get them licensed. The below-given instructions are furnished by the Veterinary Department.

Veterinary Department

Dog – license for Pet Dogs:

It is compulsory to obtain a license for pet dogs issued by Municipal Corporation authority under section 14, rule number 22(a) sub-claws 386 under Maharashtra Municipal Provincial Act.

Following documents are required to obtain a license:

  1. Residential proof
  2. Passport size photo of a dog 3 copies (latest)
  3. Photostat copy of vaccination card (vaccinated duly against Rabies disease)
  4. Fees applicable is Rs. 75/- for new and Rs. 50/- for renewal of the license. Fine Rs. 10/- applicable in late cases.

Where Photostat copy of vaccination card should indicate the full name of the owner, address and cell/contact number, name of the Doctor or organization/clinic of Doctor vaccinated the Pet animals. Also, details of the vaccine like date of vaccination, name of the vaccine, batch no. & expiry date of vaccine and the due date for the same vaccination should be indicated. Vaccination against Rabies is pre-requisite to obtain dog-license which is in the interest of Public and Animal Health. Dog – license for Pet animals will be issued maximum within 6 working days after acceptance of proper documents and necessary fees applicable. Dog- Badge is not issued along with License. Photo of a pet animal is attached on the license , vaccination card and one photo retained with the office as office copy. In the future, it is proposed to inject a micro-cheap in the animal’s body so as to maintain details of the animal as a permanent record.

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