Traveling with a puppy

Hitting the open road with your young travel companion is great fun, but it has its challenges. Follow these helpful hints to make puppy travel as enjoyable as possible.

Get your puppy used to riding in the car from an early age so that he learns early this is a pleasurable experience. Here are a few tips on how to make car travel more comfortable for both of you.

Sit in the car with the puppy, playing with him and giving him a treat.

Take a few short rides before any long trips.

Take your puppy for a walk or play in the yard to help to calm him before a ride.

Always keep current tags and proper identification on your puppy, including your cell phone number so you may be reached when you are traveling.

Always keep your puppy on a leash, even if he normally responds to voice commands, because he could easily get startled in a new environment.

Take along an adequate supply of your puppy’s regular food and medication, as well as bowls, waste pickup bags and a plastic bottle of cold water.

Puppies should not be allowed to ride with their heads outside car windows. Particles of dirt can enter the eyes, ears, and nose, causing injury or infection.

Now that you know what all precautions you must take, we wish you and you cute pooch a very happy journey ? ?

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