Let Your Puppy Say A Fresh ‘CHEESE’!

Immanual Kant once quoted,” We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.” Animals are living beings just like us, the only difference being the ability to think. So, is it not our duty to care for our dear companions?  Here’s a post for you to ensure the well being of your pampered pet.

No doubt, dogs are considered man’s best friend not only because they are loyal but also give a sense of emotional well being. Apart from physical health care and grooming, the most essential aspect is to maintain the dental hygiene of your Fido!

It might be a tedious process to help your dog maintain healthy teeth and gums. Since “prevention is better than cure”, it is always preferred to start dental check-ups for dogs at an early age. This would help in saving a lot of money and time in the long run. American Veterinary Medical Association ( AVMA), is an organization for developing the science and art of veterinary medicine and according to the 80% of dogs show signs of oral disease by the age of three. Hence, if you want your doggy to stay fit and fine, do not wait until it develops some problem but start to care from day one.

Let Your Puppy Say A Fresh ‘CHEESE’!

A common ailment in pet dogs is a periodontal disease which is overlooked by pet owners. If you are wondering how to detect such problems, you can scan below for further information on dental tips.

  1. The most common sign in dogs would be Halitosis or bad breath. This might be due to the formation of plaque on the teeth or the gums which might lead to infections and hence a bad odour from the mouth of your pet.
  2. Another clue would be the formation or build up of tartar on the surface of your dog’s tooth.
  3. It’s always better to check for gingivitis or red and swollen gums.
  4. Make sure you pay attention to your friend when it shows signs such as increased salivation, decreased play with chew toys, missing or crooked teeth or a decline in munching of crunchy treats.
  5. And a visual hint would be if your friend is losing weight.

If your four-legged friend has any of the above symptoms, you need not worry if immediate action is taken. An astonishing fact is that if the dental hygiene of your puppy is not maintained, it can lead to life-threatening diseases including heart, liver and kidney diseases. We offer a wide range of dental care products to make your task easier and simpler. Here we go.

Tea Tree Denta Paste For Dogs –

This product helps all breeds in maintaining fresh breath all round the clock. If you find it difficult to brush your dog’s teeth every day, you can just rub it on its gums to maintain healthy teeth and gums while preventing bad breath. It helps in reducing the formation of plaque and tartar, thus preventing other problems. While brushing your pet’s teeth, it is recommended to do it slowly and in a circular motion similar to the way we brush our own teeth. No doubt, Tea tree dog toothpaste helps in maintaining the oral hygiene of your pet. Do not use Human toothpaste as it might be poisonous for dogs.

Petkin plaque spray–

If your tail-wagger is a patient one, this is a perfect product to maintain healthy teeth and gums. It not only freshens your dog’s breath but also helps in brightening it’s teeth. Plaque spray as the name suggests, it is easy to clean plaque and tartar formations from your dog’s teeth only by spraying. It is simple to use as you would need to spray about 5-6 times per day all over your dog’s teeth and gums for the desired effect.

Petkin Plaque Spray 120 ml, Cool mint

Petkin Dental Chew Toy Spray–

This is a product that works invisibly. Surprising…isn’t it? So now you just have to spray on your Fido’s favorite chew toys which would help in vanishing the plaque and tartar. The tasty, mouthwatering, bacon-flavored formula helps in freshening your dog’s breath. For best results, it is recommended to use daily. This is a spray that has multiple uses.

Petkin Dental Chew Toy Spray for Dogs

Petkin Invisible Formula Liquid Oral Care Teeth–

It is a tasteless, odorless and colorless formula that freshens breath and brightens the teeth of your pet. This is a product which is easy to use as you only need to add liquid oral care to your doggy’s drinking water every day to watch the magic happen. It is an effective product which helps in keeping plaque and tartar at bay and hence maintains dental hygiene. Definitely, it is one solution to all problems.

The wipes come in an easy to use pack which contains 50 teeth wipes. It gives your pup a freshening breath and reduces the deposition of plaque and tartar.

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“ Continual low-grade oral infections can tax the immune system’s ability to deal with new health challenges as animal age, shortening the lifespan by an average of two years”. Before it’s too late, make your pup fit and fine so that it can lead a comfortable life. Because “ A Dog is the only thing on earth that will love you more than you love yourself”- Josh Billings.

The recent trend of online shopping is evolving and there are quite a lot of products at your doorstep for your best friend too. You just need to select and click as you sit in your comfort zone to care for your dear companion. So, shop fast and save more from our store.

Hope you had a happy reading!

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